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cover-nuclear-santa-claustI find it appropriate that Don Giovanni announced that they'll be releasing the self-titled debut 7-inch from Nuclear Santa Claust Retin A Riteaid, . The band - described as "Ramones and Spits influenced punk that is paranoid as hell" - was name-checked in the thank you's to the new Night Birds album, and I'd planned on searching them out later this week, Retin A Riteaid overseas. Here they are, Retin A Riteaid usa, just dropping right in my lap.

The description's pretty appropriate, but like a lot of the bands coming out of the New Jersey / New York area right now, Retin A Riteaid australia, Nuclear Santa Claust play their power-pop-punk with a definite hardcore edge. Retin A Riteaid coupon, There's some power and low end to everything. It's rock 'n' roll, not modern rock radio friendly pablum, 50mg Retin A Riteaid. Stream and download it for free below. If you need more, there's a live version of "Space Case 216" available on their Facebook page.


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