Chris Clavin on Plan-It-X’s new book, “Tour Sucks”

book cover - tour sucksIn addition to being the man behind Operation: Cliff Clavin, Ghost Mice, and The Devil Is Electric, plus running record label Plan-It-X, Chris Clavin is a damned fine author. The latest book he's masterminded only features a short piece from him -- but all of the pieces in it are short, because it's a collection of tour stories, entitled Tour Sucks. Some of the worst things happen: tire blow-outs on a busy interstate, dog shit onstage, various attempted sexual molestations, bad weather, and more. The book's a great read, and the perfect size to fit in a backpack and take with you. Clavin was cool enough to answer some of our questions via e-mail about the book and the possibility of another volume. How many bands did you have to contact to get the stories included? Probably about 200 bands were asked. Most didn't do it! Are there any stories that you'd heard which you couldn't convince the teller to include? Yes -- too many! A lot of band members were hesitant to share their worst stories for various reasons. Were there any tricks you tried to get them to put it down in words? Tricks? no, not really, just pleading, begging, and stuff like that. cover - tour of the living deadYour story, "Chapel Perilous," is disturbing. Was that the worst story you personally had, or simply the most entertaining? No way, it was just the first one that came to mind. I have many many more. For that matter, what's the story behind the Operation: Cliff Clavin van photo on the cover? We were hit by a drunk driver in Tucson, Arizona, in 1999 I think, it was pretty bad, as you can see from the photo, the side of our van was peeled off. Our roadie was on the loft when it happened. It worked out okay eventually, we got insurance money and stuff. It seems many of the stories have a happy ending. To what do you attribute that? I think people prefer to tell the stories that end okay, no one wants to retell or relive the true terrors. Jonathan Pool's "Sliger Slarmy" shows a side of touring not often covered -- that of the person not even playing. How'd you come by his story? He is a friend of mine and an even better friend of my co-editor, Rick Vee. Rick asked him to do something. At first we were not sure of what to think and it was long, but then we saw its greatness. Any plans to expand on this with more comics or illustrations for the next volume? Yeah, we hope volume 2 will be bigger and better! Do you want to take this opportunity to exhort any particular acts to be in the next volume? I really hope to get more stories out of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Submission Hold and a few others that I know have some big ones! Tour Sucks can be purchased from the No Idea store. Additionally, they are some book release shows coming up next month on the East Coast. Details follow: Thursday 2/13, 7:30 PM Molasses Books (Readings only) 770 Hart St, Brooklyn NY L to DeKalb, M to Central Larry Livermore Spy Rock Memories) Mike Faloon Zisk The Book, Hanging Gardens of Split Rock, Go Metric) Brook Pridemore (Brook Pridemore) Joe Evans III ( Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc.) Saturday 2/22, 7 PM (Reading and music) Tachair Bookshoppe 60 Newark Ave, Jersey City NJ (PATH Train to Grove Street) Brook Pridemore (Reading and playing songs) Mike Faloon Zisk The Book, Go Metric) Joe Evans III ( Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc. - playing some songs with Marisa from Chandeliers/Science Police/Besties) Brian Cogan (The Encyclopedia of Punk) [embed][/embed]

Flagyl And Breast Feeding

cover-new-brusies-chock Flagyl And Breast Feeding, Originally due out June 5, Chock Full of Misery -- New Bruises' first album since their 2006 debut, Transmit. Transmit! -- has finally seen release on Kiss of Death and No Idea. One could argue that the delay was due to some of the fantastic stuff band member Byron Lippincott has been releasing, since he's one of the folks behind Kiss of Death, 1000mg Flagyl And Breast Feeding.

Still, the emotive punk rockers have a new album out, 30mg Flagyl And Breast Feeding, and you will love it, because you've heard their shit on any number of splits the past five years, and a waterfall of new sounds totally beats the drips and drabs of split singles. You can manage an extra month after six years, Flagyl And Breast Feeding usa.

Go buy it from the Kiss of Death store. Almost black and ocean blue are sold out, Flagyl And Breast Feeding paypal, but you still have a shot at oddball, dark turquoise, ocean blue, black, Flagyl And Breast Feeding craiglist, mint, and pink/grey mix.


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Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin

the-fog Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin, Sorry for all the stammering and stuttering in the podcast this week. It's been a long week, even though it was barely half over when I recorded. I'd spent the prior two days pulling shifts at both my day job and the comic shop a friend runs. He and his wife had their baby this past weekend, and I'm helping out by working when no-one else can, but that's left me a little spacey, 500mg Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin.

The tunes from this episode are pretty swank, though. A package came from No Idea (go buy the Lemuria/Cheap Girls split - it slays) this past weekend, and I found some awesome post-punk stuff at Salvation Army, so these super deep cuts ought to provide some stuff for you all to go dig for in clearance bins and bargain rooms yourselves. 50mg Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin, There's a bunch of stuff headed this for review (in theory), so some of that might pop up next week.

Podcast #35, "Foggy Basement Breakdown"

Big Eyes, "Why Can't I" ("Why Can't I" single)
Annabell, "The Forgetting of Names & Faces" (Here We Are Tomorrow)
Lemuria, "Lemons" (split with Cheap Girls)
the Get Up Kids, Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin paypal, "Keith Case" (Simple Science)
Mixtapes, "I Was A Teenage Poultergeist" (split with Direct Hit!)
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men, "You've Got the Wrong Man" ("You've Got the Wrong Man" single)
Off With Their Heads, "Field of Darkness" (split with No Friends)
Breaking Circus, "ShockHammer 13" (Smoker's Paradise)
Hollow Heyday, 750mg Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin, "Shock Level 10" (Abandoned)
Eater, "15" (The Roxy London WC2)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, "Better Lead Than Dead" (Shake the Sheets)
the Ergs!, "Man of Infirmity" (Jersey's Best Prancers)
Be Your Own Pet, "Becky" (Get Damaged)
the Gaslight Anthem, "Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts" (SeƱor and the Queen)
the Broadways, "What Happened?" (Big City), Instructions For Taking Amoxicillin mexico.

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Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin

cover-dirty-tacticsA copy of It Is What It Is Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, , the new album from Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago, and it kind of got set aside in favor of the new Gatorface album, which had come in the same package.

That might have been a bit of a mistake. As much as I like that Gatorface record (Wasted Monuments, out now on No Idea), 10mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, It Is What It Is is so much more a summer album. While structurally kind of weird - sounding more like a label comp of like-minded bands than a cohesive, 30mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, coherent release from one act - the mix of Killers sing-along choruses, Drive Like Jehu / Hot Snakes style garage guitar, and pop-punk's sense of fun make this an exuberant record.

The album's second track, 100mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, "Baltimore," is exactly the sort of song that I would expect to blow up modern rock radio this summer. 200mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, It's catchy as all hell, with a powerful chorus. It's a song of longing and wanting to be somewhere else, but stuck in a job you have to do because you need the money - something to which everyone who's spent a summer apart from their honey can relate, Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin usa.

It Is What It Is is out now on Say-10 Records.

MP3: Dirty Tactics, "Baltimore".

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