Night Birds, “Monster Surf” 7-inch

cover - night birds monster surfCan Night Birds succeed without Brian Gorsegner's snotty vocals, which are so integral to the band's sound? Is it possible to achieve that sense of horror and and b-movie grime without lyrics? Shit yeah, it is. Granted, Gorsegner has a hand in playing synths on the dystopic sci-fi cut, "Agent Zero," but the rest of the band handily rocks it pure surf style for the other three cuts on this EP. It's a nice chance to really focus on the fact that PJ Russo's guitar work is just lovely. The interplay between Russo's guitar and Joe Keller's bass is what really makes this EP. Granted, it doesn't get exceptionally complex at any point, but the songs are catchy. The same goes for drummer Ryan McHale, who -- while he isn't really called to do much more than standard timing -- hits the skins with enough heft to give these songs a tiki-torch nighttime dance party feel. It's really the lack of anything really outstanding in terms of sonic dynamics that keep this EP at "not bad," as opposed to "fuckin' good." While these songs are better than something like the early instrumental track, "Squad Car," only the opening cut, "Unavoidable Filth," really manages to achieve the dynamicism of something by the likes of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Knowing that Night Birds are capable of something like the Born to Die in Suburbia cut, "Silver Alert," just had me hoping for something more than simply good. Also, seriously -- that guitar run in "Agent Zero" is one note removed from "A Shot in the Dark." Any closer, and they'd owe the Mancini estate some coin. Nice work on the version of the Mel Brooks' Twelve Chairs cut, "Hope for the Best (Expect the Worst)," though. [embed][/embed] It's a limited, one-time-only pressing of 1000 copies on big-hole 45s, and Wallride Records is already sold out. Keep an eye on the Night Birds merch site and other online distros to see if anything pops up.

Night Birds, “Born to Die in Suburbia” LP

cover - night birds born to dieWe've talked before about the inherently forgiving nature of the vinyl format, and how those pops and hisses can hide a multitude of sins. In this case, Night Birds gain a lot of power from vinyl. Listening to this band via earbuds or laptop speakers is not the way to go. Initially, I was worried that their new LP on Grave Mistake, Born To Die In Suburbia, had some audio issues while streaming it at Bandcamp or listening on my iPod, because it sounded ... thin. The fact of the matter is that the surf rock aspect of Night Birds' sound means that you really need to play this through stereo speakers. This is a band that benefits from something that allows nuances to shine through. I know what you're saying: "They're writing songs about Mick Foley. Where's the nuance in that?" Well, to begin with, shut up -- "Maimed for the Masses" is fucking great. Next, listen to "Nazi Gold" as a streaming track, and it's a huge wash of sound. If you throw it on a stereo, you still get that wash, but it's as part of the song, rather than the entirety of it. You can hear these fantastic changes in tone and pacing in Joe's bass work that don't otherwise come through. Think of it as the difference between a white noise machine and actually sitting at the beach. In one, you're just hearing the noise. In the other, there are gulls, boats, people -- in one case, it's a decent-enough reproduction, whereas with the other, it's an actual experience. Other notes to recommend a physical copy: the lyrics on the insert sleeve are handwritten and loaded with really explicit and violent pictures of people getting their dicks cut off. You can't see that via a digital download. Additionally, you don't get the coolness that comes with ending one side of a record with a dirgelike anthem such as "Nazi Gold," and then flipping it over to get the frantic surf workout of "Silver Alert." Come to think of it ... gold, silver -- that's fucking clever. And that's to say nothing of kicking each side off with an instrumental, and ending each side with a track with "gold" in its title. There was some serious thought gone into sequencing this record. It's not just "punkpunkpunkpunk." I mean, there's nothing wrong with this, but for chrissakes, man -- this is a record that I put on the turntable, and from the first notes of "Escape From New York," I was rocking back and forth, anticipating each and every chord change, trying not to jump around too much and make the record skip. It's been a long time since I've so thoroughly enamored of a band, but Night Birds hit all of my musical buttons. You've got catchy choruses in excess, a unique sound (seriously, you know a Night Birds song within three seconds of dropping the needle on any one of their tracks), and yet, the band still manages to surprise with every release. Much has been made of the slowed-down tracks on this record, like "Nazi Gold," but it's the dual shouting on "Villa Obscura" that really grabbed me. It's a basic track, but the force behind Joe and Brian's teamed-up vocals really make this song pop out of my speakers. cover - night birds born to die limitedMost everyone seems to have reviewed Born To Die In Suburbia immediately after the stream popped up on Spin's website. Having gone to the trouble of ordering the limited-edition vinyl, I figured I'd wait until my physical copy showed up in the mail. Well, there were pressing plant delays and so on, so it didn't show up until this week. That being said, I'm glad I waited. Alex at Grave Mistake was cool enough to get me a download of the album before I left for Seattle a couple weeks back, and I've been listening to it pretty much non-stop on planes, working out, and everywhere ever since. But -- and I'm fully aware of the elitist nature of this statement -- vinyl's the absolute way to go with this release. The limited-edition screenprint covers sold out in about 20 minutes, but there are plenty of standard copies left in the Grave Mistake store, where you can also pick up package deals, if you're late to the Night Birds party.

Night Birds, “Maimed for the Masses” 7-inch

cover - maimed for the massesIf you've heard the streaming version of Night Birds' newest single, "Maimed for the Masses," do yourself a favor and go buy the 7-inch. You'd think that surf-punk wouldn't be harmed by audio compression for online play, but the physical version of the track just sounds so much more clean. The song, an ode to "Mrs. Foley's baby boy" (aka Cactus Jack, aka Dude Love, aka Mankind, aka New York Times bestselling author Mick Foley) is a surprisingly touching first-person perspective story of Foley's hardcore history in the squared circle. The three tracks on the flip side are exclusive to this release. "Barred Out" is a little weak, and didn't really grab my attention, but holy fucking shit -- if nothing else, buy this to get "Last Gasp." It's the catchiest song about autoerotic asphyxiation you'll ever hear, with a chrous primed for finger pointing sing-alongs: "I don't care/ If they stare" et al. "Last Gasp" is a snotty distillation of everything Night Birds do well, with a sinuous surf line intertwined with lyrics that are just this side of outlandish. It'll be lodged in your head all day, and I'd take care to not get caught singing the lyrics under your breath. Great work from Fat Wreck with this release. As a stand-alone release, it's quite good, and as a teaser for the next Night Birds full-length, it's monster. I want that sucker in my hands right the hell now. Take a listen to the title track over at Brooklyn Vegan.

Listen to a new Tenement track

welcome to 2013 Tenement, repeatedly mentioned to me as one of the best bands currently playing, is coming to Kansas City on Monday, April 1, as part of a tour with Give and Night Birds. It should go without saying that I'm absurdly excited about this show, because it's both early and cheap. Night Birds are an amazing live show, and their 20-30 minute set is worth the 40-minute trip both ways. Tenement's also supposed to be one of those bands whose live show will make you an instant convert and fan. That being said, Tenement is one of those bands with a lengthy discography, and you'd have to be an obsessive to even consider attempting to obtain everything they've ever released. They're on a brand new vinyl compilation entitled Welcome to 2013 from Not Normal (even though the cover says 2012), and their song, "Rain In Mind," is an excellent bit of punk-edged power pop. You can snag a copy from the Not Normal store. The price is pretty good for screened covers and a huge booklet. Listen to Tenement's "Rain In Mind" from the Welcome to 2013 compilation below, and the entire compilation below that.

Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group

cover-night-birds-darknessNight Birds
The Other Side of Darkness
(Grave Mistake)

Night Birds Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, know how to kick things off. "Demon Haunted World" is the perfect album opener: badass intro, building to a speedball of a song that slambangs into the second track, "Neon Gray," without missing a step. I've listened to this album fairly much nonstop since it showed up, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group paypal, and I'm still not quite sure where one ends and the other begins. This interconnectedness demonstrates right off the bat that The Other Side of Darkness is assuredly an album, differentiating itself from the band's prior singles with a thematic sense of purpose.

The album is called The Other Side of Darkness for a reason. When you take revenge pictures and apocalyptic visions of the future for your lyrical inspiration, things are never going to be positive, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group. Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group japan, While the lyrical content's the more fantastic aspects of the dark side, Night Birds are still dealing with the dark side.

Night Birds have always taken late-night horror movies and sci-fi themes for their songs, but this time around, it seems like every track can be traced to some form of specific trashy entertainment. "Landfill Land, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group us," in addition to being a paeon to the group's home state of New Jersey, brings up imagery of both the Toxic Avenger and Street Trash. "One Eye" is quite literally the plot of Swedish revenge picture Thriller: They Call Her One Eye: "they hooked me on drugs [...] killing and revenge / everyone will pay."

"Hoffman Lens" takes the consumerist critique of They Live and makes it explicit. Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, If you want to get really crazy deep and over-analyze, you could say that choosing a movie set in Los Angeles is a way to tie the band's surf punk to the genre's progenitors like Dead Kennedys and Agent Orange. That might be taking things a little too far. 50mg Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, There's an undescribable sense of deeper darkness in the music here, as well. Maybe it's because this is an album, as opposed to a single or EP, but the whole of this LP operates in the lower registers of the scale, rather than the higher notes, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group canada. It's like listening to "Pipeline" by the Chantays, versus the Ventures' "Walk - Don't Run." The former is ominous - like The Other Side of Darkness - while the latter is rather upbeat and fun, like the Midnight Movies EP.

MP3: Night Birds, "Landfill Land".

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Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin

cover-night-birds-darkness Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin, I was just on my way out of the house to run errands, when this popped up on my Facebook feed. I had to share it with you folks immediately.

The cover art to the new Night Birds full-length (coming August 16 on Grave Mistake), Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin usa, The Other Side of Darkness is immediately to your left, 200mg Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin, and you can listen to "Landfill Land" below. The track is a continuation of the surf-punk the quartet has become known for, but it's harder, Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin us, louder, Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin overseas, and better-produced. The bass work on the track really comes through thanks to that production, and just makes the whole thing sound fantastic, 30mg Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin.

I couldn't wait for The Other Side of Darkness as it was. Now, I'm foaming at the mouth.


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Before And After Synthroid

cover-fresh-killsNight Birds
Before And After Synthroid, Fresh Kills Vol. 1
(Grave Mistake)

Normally, we try and steer clear of CDs here in the basement, because ... well, first of all, we don't have a CD player down here. Running CDs through the PC speakers is fine a and dandy, but for full effect, Before And After Synthroid usa, we really like to rattle things off the desk and shelves with a run-through on the ol' Frankenstereo.

Still, most of the material on this here Night Birds disc comes from previously released vinyl (specifically, the Art of the Underground single series #48, the Midnight Movies EP, and their self-titled 7-inch), as well as the band's demo cassette. So, we felt honor-bound to let you know you can get everything the band has thus far released in one easy location, and get addicted before they release their first full-length, The Other Side of Darkness, later this summer, Before And After Synthroid. 100mg Before And After Synthroid, So get your save the date cards ready and make sure to remember this release.

For those not hip to what's going on, Night Birds rock out, '80s style, blending the best of California hardcore with the speed and melodic lines of '60s surf. There's a strong Agent Orange influence here, as well as a tremendous swathe of late-night horror movies. Surf punk sounds a stupid descriptor with which to label Night Birds, but I'm really at a loss as to what else to call 'em, Before And After Synthroid craiglist. Before And After Synthroid, The band is fast, fun, and clever. Since this showed up in the mail a week or so ago, it hasn't left the stereo in the car. It's so breezy and speedy, it begs to have the windows down, while you ignore the speedometer and go for broke.

If you want a copy of this for your very own (and you do), 1st Five has a contest to win the Night Birds' discography. 50mg Before And After Synthroid, Draw the band nude, and submit your artistry by Monday, May 23, for a chance to win the CD, as well as copies of Midnight Movies and the self-titled 7-inches.

To clarify - that means the drawing, painting, whatever you do of the band has to be of them, sans clothes, 20mg Before And After Synthroid. If you want to be naked while you do it, go ahead, although it's not required.


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Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism

nyrulespackageVarious Artists
New York Rules
(Burn Books)
Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism, Holy fucking crap. Despite my inveterate leanings against cassettes, here we are reviewing the New York Rules mixtape that Burn Books put out. Why. Well, first of all - they sent it to the Nuthouse, Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism australia, so it's not like we had to pay for it. Secondly - it pretty much rules.

To listen to the damn thing, I had to take it to the day job with me, Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism. The cassette deck in our stereo upstairs is dead, and that's the only one in the house. Thankfully, the bakery has a nice dual deck, in order to play the hundreds of cassettes accumulated over the decade and a half the place has been open, 1000mg Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism.

Now, honestly, the main reason I even played this thing is because I haven't gotten a new cassette since I had a tape deck in my '88 S-10 and worked as a delivery driver. The fun and excitement that came from cracking open the case and sliding the tape into the deck was pretty swank. Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism, Does it sound good. No way. Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism usa, It's got hiss, and the recordings were pretty cheap to begin with, but this sounds exactly like a mix somebody would've made you back when you were sneaking cigarettes and grinding the curb behind the local middle school. Night Birds hold down the Agent Orange surf-punk end of the spectrum, Nomos are the Bad Brains crazy hardcore, Byrds of Paradise bring the weird fuzzy indie rock like the Pixies, et cetera, 150mg Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism.

You get this fucking huge Street Trash-influenced poster with the cassette (yellow, like that Bad Brains tape ROIR put out for so many years), and it comes in a custom-screened envelope. Do you need this, Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism. No. Do you want this. 10mg Prozac Intoxication Parkinsonism, Yes. Dig out that boombox that's been moldering in the garage, slap this in, and crank it up until the speakers start to flutter.


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Zithromax Dose For Aids

cover-night-birds-midnightNight Birds
Midnight Movies
(No Way Records)
Zithromax Dose For Aids, B-movies have been a staple of punk going all the way back to the genre's roots in rockabilly and garage. There are songs littering the landscape about ghouls, goblins, slashers, midnight marauders, highwaymen, Zithromax Dose For Aids canada, flying saucers, et al. The Groovie Ghoulies and the Misfits made careers out of wring punk songs about horror movies, and now we've got Night Birds and their contribution, the Midnight Movies EP.

Rather than sounding scary, the EP more of a tribute the midnight movie genre, 50mg Zithromax Dose For Aids. Night Birds' surf-infused punk is too speedy to give the songs any sense of terror or dread, lacking the plodding bass lines necessary to be creepy. However, the mile-a-minute guitar lines perfectly bring to mind the joys of being 12 years old, jacked to the gills on sugar and caffeine, watching something like Fright Night or the Toxic Avenger on USA Up All Night, Zithromax Dose For Aids.

Look at one of the verses to the title track:

"(I want to see)
I want to see so much gore it makes me sick
I want to see death by a crucifix
I want to see a celluloid acid trip"

That pretty much sums up what you get when you want to see a midnight movie: that "gimme blood, gimme gore, gimme gross" feeling. 150mg Zithromax Dose For Aids, The next track, "No Way Home," also pays tribute to the genre of midnight movies itself, and the two songs on the flipside are more akin to stories: mini midnight movies in their own right, essentially. "Triple Feature" is the tale of a madman slasher, and "Bad Biology" something like a Re-Animator-style mad scientist flick, 250mg Zithromax Dose For Aids.

The only real downside to the EP is that is blasts through so fast, you're going to find yourself all amped up with no place to go. I'd suggest throwing this on, heading to the video store, grabbing a stack of movies, Zithromax Dose For Aids india, and watching them until your eyes bleed.

Midnight Movies is due out from No Way Records sometime in the middle of October: just in time for the FEST (and - of course - Halloween).

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Free Samples Of Cialis

cover-cutest-band Free Samples Of Cialis, OMGWTFBBQ!!!. No Way Records repressed Chronic Sick's classic self-titled 7-inch EP (aka the "Reagan Bands" single), as well as their 12-inch EP Cutest Band In Hardcore. Now, 150mg Free Samples Of Cialis, you can have a copy of some of the more essential lost classics of hardcore in your hands without having to pay hundreds of dollars for an original (even the bootlegs went for 50 or 60 bucks).

Of course, 1000mg Free Samples Of Cialis, you've been able to download them via Killed By Death's website for a couple years now. Take a listen right effing now to the self-titled EP and Cutest Band In Hardcore and then go buy them from the No Way webstore.

Give them some time to get it to you, however:

When ordering, 200mg Free Samples Of Cialis, remember we are a 2 person operation that is run while our record store is open. We get stuff done as FAST as we can, 20mg Free Samples Of Cialis, but PLEASE give your order at least 2 weeks to ship before you email us. We’re swamped.

And think, if you spend money with No Way, then they'll make money and put out that new Night Birds EP, Free Samples Of Cialis ebay, Midnight Movies, that much sooner.

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