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cover-di-viVarious Artists
Dangerous Intersections VI
(Traffic Street Records)

Every time a new installment in Traffic Street Expired Tetracycline Tox, 's "Dangerous Intersections" series of four-way splits comes out, I'm forced to make a decision. Namely, which track is my favorite. It's always a difficult choice, 10mg Expired Tetracycline Tox, as each one manages to have each band skew towards a different punk direction. Volume six is no different. 20mg Expired Tetracycline Tox, Do I want the Transgressions' short and to-the-point "17". Is it the hard to describe, yet compelling "Flashlight" from Billy Raygun, Expired Tetracycline Tox. The pop-punk by way of post-hardcore of Vacation's "Heterosexual Lion". Or, the simple college rockin' of New Creases' "No Spark", 150mg Expired Tetracycline Tox.

Seriously, though -- that Billy Raygun song reminds me of a billion bands simultaneously, 250mg Expired Tetracycline Tox, but I couldn't put my finger on what exactly it is about their song that has me wanting to listen to it over and over again. The emotional intensity of the vocals just grabs me. Expired Tetracycline Tox, They're so fucking raw, it blows my mind.

New Creases also continue to amaze me with each and every song I hear from them. The obvious Superchunk comparisons aside, Expired Tetracycline Tox australia, they've rapidly started to be one of those bands from whom I feel the need to buy every release.

In essence, I look at each release in the series as a chance to have Traffic Street pick out four new bands for me to love and appreciate. I've bought records from at least half the bands that have been on past installments, and number six has done it again.

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