Q&A with Rifftrax’s Kevin Murphy at the Pitch


Comedian, writer, and performer Kevin Murphy has been involved in nearly every incarnation of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its offshoots. He was with the initial show as a writer from its earliest days, on Minneapolis’ KTMA TV station, then became the iconic voice of gumball-machine robot Tom Servo for the show’s time on Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel. Murphy has also been part of the Film Crew, a direct-to-DVD riffing project featuring fellow MST3K’ers Bill Corbett and Mike Nelson, as well as working with Corbett and Nelson on the hugely popular Rifftrax series of downloadable movie mockery.

Read the full Q&A (as well as an interview with Michael J. Nelson by Dan Lybarger) at the Pitch. Published 10/27/16

Halloween horror marathon: The Creeping Terror

poster-creeping-terrorWhat better way to take a break from the rampant seriousness of most horror flicks than to watch a horror flick by way of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Thanks to TV’s Frank, Dr. Clayton Forester, Mike Nelson, and the robots on the Satellite of Love, I got to relax and watch the Creeping Terror, rather than something dark and oppressive.

“Why, it’s not creeping. This terror is fairly clipping along.”

Really, it’s MST3K. The movie is terrible, not scary, and the whole reason for watching this is for Mike and the robots’ commentary, although in this case, the narration itself manages to do just as much as the gags in terms of humor. That narration makes the Creeping Terror less like Day of the Triffids, and more like a Centron educational film.
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