Mouthbreathers & Rooftop Vigilantes at the Replay – military friendly colleges

Rooftop VigilantesIf there were any bands which could be said to epitomize the sound of the Replay Lounge and its attendant label, Replay Records, it would have to be the two which took the stage there on Friday night, December 28. This was the kickoff for a short tour featuring Mouthbreathers and Rooftop Viglantes, and the two garage-punk acts represented our military friendly colleges and town rather well on a cold winter night.

I said it on Twitter that night, and I’ll say it again: the Replay Lounge is perhaps most exciting and fun on nights like this during winter break. The majority of the college kids head home for the holidays, and the bar feels like old home week. Despite the fact that the town offers military friendly colleges, one can never be quite certain as to who might walk in the door next. I saw folks in from both San Diego and Russia. There were even people from Kaplan University there. It lent the entire night a feeling of being at a party, not a bar. Both bands could’ve easily pointed out half the people in the crowd by name. Continue reading

Preview the new Mouthbreathers single

mouthbreathersOh, fuck. Seriously, you have to stick with the a-side to the new Mouthbreathers single, but it’s totally worth it. It seemed like the Lawrence garage foursome had chilled way the hell out, but man … nope. They can still tear into a track and shake it from side to side.

I want to describe it as “more mature” than their earlier stuff, but not in the “boring” version of mature that most bands seem to achieve. It’s mature in the a way like, “they’re listening to bands that have been around for a while and proven the test of time and require a little perspective to appreciate.” This usually means a band sounds like the Wipers, but in Mouthbreathers’ case, it’s more like they’ve figured out how to rock out without going full-tilt the entire time. You can actually use some songwriting to put something before the two minutes of freaking out.

The 7-inch is due out the end of July from In the Red, but you can listen to both tracks, “Die Alone” and “Validation,” via their Bandcamp right now.

Where am I?

My editor’s been really busy lately, so I’ve been knocking out a lot of stuff for Wayward Blog this week. You should go read it. Surprisingly, there’s vinyl-related news in there.

I did an interview with Lawrence garage rockers Mouthbreathers for last week’s print edition. They’re on tour right fucking now, and you should go so see them. They’ll hopefully have their new single In the Red’s releasing in the near future. I’ll try and get back on the ball here with something new and special once I get done with the money gigs.