The weirdest comic about a reincarnated Morrissey you’ll ever read

zine-cover-there-is-a-lightThere Is A Light is a self-published comic from Geoffrey D. Wessel and John Keogh that I picked up while waiting to talk with Tom Brazelton at C2E2. These guys had the booth directly to the left of his, and I chatted with them while Tom was working on a sketch for someone. They convinced me to drop the $2 the photocopied and stapled comic cost, so I bought a copy and stuck it in my bag, and promptly forgot about it.

As I was cleaning up the basement this weekend, I rediscovered There Is A Light and gave it a read-through. It’s the weirdest comic about a reincarnated Morrissey you’ll ever read. Probably the only comic about a reincarnated Morrissey you’ll ever read, but still … weird. My copy’s the second printing, meaning it’s doing pretty well. Not sure how you’d go about getting a copy, but Wessel can be found on Twitter @gdwessel, so you could probably do that. It’s a fun little read, and keeping it on your coffee table will certainly get a conversation going.

Campbell’s examination of Irish music in England fascinating

book-cover-irish-bloodUpon reflection, it’s surprising to think that nobody’s yet made a study of the experience of Irish immigrant children in the context of English music. Studies of Irish music, English music, and the influence of one upon the other have been made repeatedly. Yet, the immigrant experience and how it related to the children of those who came over, and how they chose to express that which resulted has never been investigated. So, it’s not without a little excitement that I cracked the cover on Sean Campbell‘s new book for Cork University Press (distributed in the U.S. by Stylus Publishing), Irish Blood, English Heart: Second Generation Irish Musicians in England.
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