Saturday night at Middle of the Map

So, where were these Middle of the Map pictures and videos last week? Thanks to some fine Internet mischief-makers, I couldn’t access the site for the better part of two days. Thanks, guys. That was dandy. I understand some of you folks out there have a problem with our hosts at GoDaddy, but some of us don’t have the time, energy, and money to swap service providers and DNS hosts every time somebody does something stupid.

Anyhow, video above from Oils and below from y(our) fri(end), both Lawrence artists performing at the RecordBar on Saturday, April 6, 2013, as part of the I Heart Local Music showcase during the festival. Pictures follow the y(our) fri(end) video, featuring both bands in motion, as well as the Capsules, Pujol, Soft Reeds, and Divine Fits. Continue reading

Iceage and Pujol at the Riot Room for Middle of the Map

Kansas City’s third annual Middle of the Map festival took place last weekend in Westport. In addition to photographs, we shot video of quite a few bands. We’ll be rolling out some local acts tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out video of Danish punks Iceage doing “Ecstasy,” from their new album, You’re Nothing, above and Nashville garage rockers Pujol below, performing “Mission From God,” from United States of Being.

Friday night at Middle of the Map

Thoughts from Friday night at Middle of the Map:

– Many more small-scale shows, fewer of the blow-out parties of last year. Even Iceage and Jeff the Brotherhood back-to-back at the Riot Room wasn’t nearly as crazy as Fucked Up / Coalesce the year before.
– Speaking of Iceage: holy shit. A total clusterfuck mess. Far more entertaining than their show at the Jackpot, though. Honestly, they could’ve played “Ecstacy” over and over for the half hour they were on stage, and I would’ve been happy.
Not A Planet has half a set that sounds like Kara’s Flowers, which I really enjoyed, and another half of a set that sounds like the White Stripes, which I didn’t care for. Good pipes on that singer, though.
– If ever there were a band which i didn’t understand, it would be the Joy Formidable. Their drummer was all crash and bang. They’re essentially a less-dynamic Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or a band that listened to a lot of My Bloody Valentine, only to get the roar and none of the subtleties. There must’ve been a reason the Uptown was packed for their set, but I can’t figure out why. Everyone couldn’t’ve been waiting for Grizzly Bear.
Grizzly Bear was amazing. Words can do no justice, and I think the images (complete with weird moving flaming jellyfish-style lights) do more to evoke what was taking place on that Uptown stage than anything I could write. They were just beautiful.

Where the hell have I been?

The Devil

The Devil

The Middle of the Map Festival is where I’ve been. Thursday through Saturday in Westport — something like 80 bands, of which I saw a quarter. Then, the band for which I yell played its first show Sunday night, so it’s been four straight days of holy fuck. Don’t expect much this week, as we’re kind of in a holding pattern until the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this weekend. That’s right, kids — Rock Star Journalist is covering C2E2. Look for lots and lots of pictures, stories, and the like Friday and Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime, hold tight and check out my coverage of Middle of the Map over at Wayward Blog: the kick-off party, day one, and day two.