Clearing the air

slimfast denies Regarding the whole Midcoast Cares Rock For Relief concert on Monday, here's what I've been able to confirm: Obviously, some banners were torn down. See the above Twitter exchange for 96.5 the Buzz personality Slimfast's reaction to an inquiry. This tweet doesn't help matters any, either. I spoke with one of the event organizers, Sondra Freeman, regarding co-sponsorships. Freeman stated that neither Alice 102.1 or 96.5 the Buzz were official sponsors of the event Monday: "They helped us by talking about the event on the air in return for which I let them park their vans in front of the venue and hang some signage inside the venue." According to attendees at the benefit, Slimfast tore down some of the Alice banners that were hanging next to the Buzz banners. Freeman goes on to further state that "Kansas City Local Artists, that is run by Paul Chandler who works at Alice, had a really nice banner hanging on the outside of the venue and it was stolen. Nobody saw who did that and I don't care to speculate." Paul Chandler of Kansas City Local Artists Radio, when asked about the situation, confirms that the Buzz hadn't given any money to the benefit, and that "they gave there [sic] time like we all did." However, he additionally stated that Alice 102.1 had "six banners ripped down" by Slimfast and that he'd seen it happen. banner - rock for reliefIt's a shame that something like this marred what was an otherwise successful event. According to another event organizer, Michelle Bacon, while the final numbers haven't yet come in, as they're still waiting on some money from the auction, she last heard the amount taken in "was somewhere around $7k." Bacon explained where the money would go, as well: "The money is being donated to Heart to Heart International, who will use it for disaster relief in Moore. H2H is a local organization, and it was the same organization MidCoast Cares donated to back in 2011 for the Joplin benefit at Crosstown Station." While there's not likely to be any sort of visible resolution in this case, we'll close with the following words from Freeman: "I just want to promote the amazing local music scene we have here in 816 and help people that can't help themselves. Radio is a great way to get the word out about things like this and shouldn't be a contest." Too true.