Bananas Magazine’s second issue out now

bananas-mag-2Bless those Brooklynites at Bananas Magazine. While the TermBo kids and folks at the Goner board might be more up-to-the-minute, there’s really nobody else out there doing the sort of in-depth coverage of the garage scene done by Christophe Lopez-Hulci and his cohorts.

We really liked the first issue here at Rock Star Journalist headquarters, and I’ve handed the magazine off to three or four folks, all of whom enjoyed it just as much as I did. When the second ish showed up in my mailbox this weekend, it very nearly met an early demise, thanks to a postal worker trying to cram more in my mailbox than would fit – in a rainstorm.
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Jerk Store #7 is international, baby

jerk-store-7Jerk Store is one of my favorite fanzines out there. The last issue documented the fact that editor Alex and his girlfriend Kelly had moved halfway across the world from Cardiff, Wales, to Perth, Australia. A good portion of the interviews and reviews in issue number six were done in Wales, so I was curious as to what a completely Australia-based issue would look like.

And, so, what we’ve got with Jerk Store number seven is a mix of the usual and the new. You’ll be introduced to Perth-based bands like Grim Fandango and Chilling Winston, but PPMB faves like Rumspringer are represented, too. While Alex does bomb-ass interviews, getting me to start punching names into the Firefox search bar, I’d really like Alex to start running stuff other than interviews and reviews. I guess he’s got a plan to do so, but this issue had an early deadline in order to get it ready for the Fest this weekend. In that case, the next issue has even more to offer…

You can read my review of the last issue over at Wayward Blog.