Red Hook’s Longhammer IPA

beer-red-hook-ipaAdding another dimension to the site today. In the interest of justifying the large amount of money I spend on beer, I’ve decided to start writing down my impressions on the various new beers I encounter. Join me, won’t you?

Red Hook‘s Longhammer IPA is a beer that I’ve had recommended to me several times. Hard to track down, though – every liquor store I went to either had a slot for it, and it was gone (usually a good sign), or they carried the ESB, but not the IPA (usually a bad sign). Looked for it every time I was at a liquor store around town. Being as how we live in a college town, there are lots of liquor stores. Surprisingly, I ended up finding it at the place four blocks from my house.

The Longhammer IPA is an easy drinker. I bought the sixer at 3:00 p.m. on Labor Day afternoon, and there was one bottle left when the wife and I went to bed that night. It’s not particularly hoppy. While there’s that sharp note you get at the end of most IPAs, it’s really just a smooth, crisp beer. The first bottle disappeared quickly, but I tend to attribute any beer being drank after yard work to be good so long as it’s cold. The second bottle was even tastier, although considering this brew’s 6.5% ABV, the fact that I had four over the course of the afternoon and evening might’ve been a tad bit overkill.

It’s a pretty tasty brew. Don’t know if it’ll become a go-to beer, but it’s not bad. Certainly went well with the chicken I was grilling, but by the time we ate, I’d killed two bottles, and pairing options are pretty much moot when you’re that warm and fuzzy. And, of course, any beer that disappears that quickly certainly has something to recommend it.