Lemuria, “The Distance Is So Big” LP

B9R190_1500x1500_coverWith their third full-length LP, The Distance Is So Big, Buffalo’s Lemuria have finally won me over completely.

Given the amount of attention we’ve given the band here at Rock Star Journalist, and the fact that my Lemuria t-shirt is one of the few band shirts I care enough to wear to my office day job, that might come a surprise.
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Lemuria’s Alex Kerns on their forthcoming LP, recording with J. Robbins, and more

Buffalo trio Lemuria have been purveying a strain of rocking indie pop for almost a decade now. With a slew of singles behind them, it’s surprising that they’ve only recently finished recording their third full-length. As yet untitled, the LP will be released later this year on Bridge 9 Records, following their second, Pebbles (also on Bridge 9) and their debut, Get Better, on Asian Man. We harrassed the hell out of drummer and vocalist Alex Kerns via Twitter and e-mail, and he was surprisingly willing to answer some questions for us.
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Lemuria to release “surprise” 12-inch through their webstore

lemuriaBuffalo’s finest indie-poppers Lemuria announced very early this morning that, in addition to their sophomore LP for Birdge 9 later this year, they’ll be releasing a “surprise” one-sided 12-inch exclusively through their website. Details:

The contents are a secret. But you will get a limited Lemuria 12″ that is ONLY available through this sale! Featuring material never released on vinyl before! If you enjoyed the sights of the Varoom Allure 7″, this will be similar with a screen printed B-side by Argybargy Printing. It’s going to look awesome! Each 12″ will be personalized to you.

The 12-inch is available as a small bundle or big bundle, with “other exclusive items that you will only be able to receive through this spring sale.” If you get the big bundle, you get everything that’s in the small one, plus “a limited edition T-shirt design.” Get the small bundle for $15 or the big bundle for $30. As Alex stated on the VC board, “This is a pre-order, don’t expect it next week!”

Lemuria announce Record Store Day single on Bridge 9

Indie-popsters Lemuria have been tweeting about their recent recording session with producer J. Robbins, and it seems that the songs tracked last week will see release on April 21, as a Record Store Day 7-inch. The two-song single, entitled “Varoom Allure,” comes out via the band’s label, Bridge 9. Says drummer Alex Kerns, “We are very excited about them, I think they are the two best songs we have ever written and recorded.”

Honestly, I’m happy that the trio’s next release will be a 7-inch. Their best tunes as of late (“Ozzy,” “Chautauqua County,” “Lemons”) have all been on singles, whereas the full-lengths tend to drag a bit. I’m hoping for a short, punchy, pop blast. Robbins’ production on the Rooftop Vigilantes’ Real Pony Glue makes me think that he could give Lemuria a slight edge they’ve been sorely lacking.