Various Artists, “Are You With the Band?” LP

cover-are-you-with-the-bandI rather wish the new compilation from Paper + Plastick, Are You With the Band?, featured more bands that were still in existence. The Measure [sa], PS Eliot, and Cheeky are all broken up, but we’ve got the Worriers, Bananas, and Big Eyes touring and putting out records. Why not feature them, rather than introduce listeners to bands that are no longer?

That being said, this is still a wonderful compilation. The booklet inside is like someone expanded a CD booklet to LP size. The illustrations are reproduced beautifully, and Lauren Denitzio did a superlative job curating the compilation. The cuts – while unfortunately non-contemporary – do a wonderful job of displaying the many facets of pop-punk and the women who thrive within the genre.

The opening chords of Aye Nako’s “Bent Out of Shape” blast through in under a minute, setting the tone, while Black Rainbow knocks out some snotty, razor-throated rock ‘n’ roll. Then, there’s the shambling, dirty tones of Shellshag and the quietly somber take Full of Fancy does on Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done.” It’s a quality comp, and I keep going back to it, and I think I might have to take a run through some distros to pick up some of these artists.

Strangely enough, my LP didn’t come with center labels. It’s just a swathe of marble vinyl. Weird.

You can read my interview with Denitzio over at the Wayward Blog.

Another record with art!

cover-fucking-copsThis time, rather than a comic sized like a 7-inch, Kind Of Like Records is releasing the upcoming album from new signees the Fucking Cops “with a full-size 16 page booklet featuring illustrations for every song.” Both the 12-inch LP and CD versions of Fuck You Up With Some Truth will come with illustrations from Iron Chic’s Jason Lubrano, the Measure [sa]’s Lauren Denitzio and the band’s own Shannon Sullivan.

This reminds me an awful lot of Less Than Jake’s Anthem, which was done similarly, although with artists a little less close to the band. While those pictures were damned cool, the fact that the folks doing the drawings/paintings/what-have-you on this particular project are part of the Fucking Cops’ circle makes it more interesting.
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