“Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society” an inspirational bit of dadaist history

book cover - cacaphonyLast Gasp‘s new book, Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society, compiled and edited by Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith, and John Law, ranks as one of the most dangerously inspirational books I’ve ever had the pleasure to clap eyes on.

While much could be made of the fact that the Cacophony Society are the ones responsible for such occasions of oddball debauchery as Burning Man, SantaCon, and (arguably) zombies, this book doesn’t focus on the influence of these San Francisco eccentrics on society at large. If anything, this is both a visual and oral history of how such a simple set of ideas — such as Chaotic Principle No. II: You Will Never Be Totally In Control — could have such an impact on individuals.
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