Pre-order the Kepi “Sleepy Hollow” single

cover-kepi-sleepy-hollowItalian label Surfin’ Ki Records has put together a single for Kepi Ghoulie‘s upcoming European tour. It’s a 7-inch featuring both the electric and acoustic versions of his tune “Sleepy Hollow.” They’re basically just slightly different mixes of the versions on Hanging Out and American Gothic, but it’s always cool to have a single like this. Plus, both of those albums have gone out of print on LP, so it’s a nice way to snag those songs if you don’t yet have ’em.

The record — due out next Friday, June 15 — will be limited to 300 copies, with 200 available on black wax and 100 on clear orange wax, and you can choose between blue and orange cover art. You can snag three of the four variants at the Surfin’ Ki wesbtore. The blue cover art / black wax variant will be available exclusively through starting at the end of the month, and those copies will include a free patch.

Stefan of Stardumb Records talks Kepi: The Book

Curt Doughty

Curt Doughty

Stefan Tijs, label head for Netherlands pop-punk label Stardumb Records, recently announced his plans to put out a book collecting the work of former Groovie Ghoulies frontman and current solo act, Kepi Ghoulie. Those who’ve attended Kepi’s live shows know that in addition to the usual t-shirts, records, and other rock ‘n’ roll merch, you can purchase small oil paintings done by the pop rock ‘n’ roller. Kepi’s also done the artwork for many of his own releases. This all adds up to something that could potentially fill one of those gigantic coffee table books. We spoke with Tijs about the plans for the book, and what you can do to be a part of it.
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Stardumb announces 50th release details

cover-stardumb-50Fifty releases is an impressive number for any label. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Stardumb Records, out of the Netherlands (and one of the finest purveyors of pop-punk operating today), has put together this amazing double LP, 50. It comes with a CD, and features one LP that’s entirely covers and another that’s all new songs from the label’s roster.

You can stream the whole compilation, which features music from Kepi Ghoulie and Jerry Hormone, the Manges, the Apers, Accelerators, and more right here.

Order it from the Stardumb Store. I’d suggest picking up a few more things to make that international postage worthwhile, like the Kepi Ghoulie / Jerry Hormone split and the Accelerators’ “My Baby Is An Undertaker” single. If you place your order before December 31, you get a free totebag designed by Stefan Stardumb.