Joint D≠, “Satan Is Real Again, Again, or: Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts” LP

cover - joint d satan is realListening to Joint D≠'s latest, Satan Is Real Again, Again, or: Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts, is not something I recommend while jacked up on half a pot of strong coffee. The album's so tightly wound, you'll find yourself grinding your teeth and tensing up in your chair, wondering when it's going to relent. Here's the secret: it doesn't. From start to finish, through all nine songs, Joint D≠ moves with coiled rhythms, shredding your nerves while they're attacking their guitars. It's almost as if the band has decided that the intensity from their first album, Strike Gently, needed to be cranked up and spewed forth in greater quantities. Of course, the downside to this is that if you didn't care for their debut, you'll really hate this one, but the upside is that Satan Is Real Again takes all of the characteristics of Strike Genetly and focuses them to create a distillation of that vision. In other words, if you liked that record, you'll fucking love this one. It can be had on LP from the Sorry State store, who have exclusive version, limited to 165 copies on clear smoke-colored vinyl (with some red streaks), featuring an obi strip screened on transparent vellum. It's also on black.

History Of Amoxicillin

cover-joint-d History Of Amoxicillin, According to what I read online, the reason this band's known as Joint D≠ is because "Joint Damage abruptly had to change their band name due to being served a cease and desist order from a Rhode Island rap metal band named Joint Damage." Damn shame. Joint D≠ is just fucking weird, and the sort of name you have constantly explain.

The music hasn't changed any, though -- great, 250mg History Of Amoxicillin, nervous garage punk. More punk than garage, really, but it'll make you do that thing where you sit in a chair or car seat and pump your hand next to your head, like you're trying to throw dice. It's so fucking rocking, History Of Amoxicillin mexico, you know you'll throw double sixes, right.

Sorry State mentions the Wipers, and Greg Sage's mojo certainly floats around the sounds of Strike Gently, History Of Amoxicillin. It's almost too well-done to totally freak out, if that makes any sense. History Of Amoxicillin india, Basically, Joint D≠ aren't the sort of band to blast anger forth. They're tense and coiled, letting everything seep out gradually over the course of their record.

While not extraordinarily ground-breaking, Joint D≠ strikes off into infrequently-explored territory on this album, 150mg History Of Amoxicillin. It's certainly a record you'll find yourself flipping over to experience over and over. It stayed on the turntable down here for several days straight, just getting restarted every time it finished. Not much better an endorsement than that, History Of Amoxicillin usa, is there.


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