Celebrity Art Party with Jim Mahfood

Celebrity Art Party is a semi-occurring feature, wherein the artists we enjoy interpret their favorite song. This installment features one of our favorite artists, Jim Mahfood (aka Food One), who will descend upon Lawrence this weekend for a variety of activities surrounding The Free State Festival. Mahfood’s work has paired him with everyone from Colt 45 to Ziggy Marley. Given his deep involvement with music, we’re proud to have him for this series.

Jim Mahfood - Beastie Boys 'B-Boy Bouillabaisse' web

Artist: Beastie Boys

Song: “B-Boy Bouillabaisse”

Version of song (live, album, remix, etc.): Paul’s Boutique LP
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Jim Mahfood releases limited-edition “Pop Up Funk”

pop up funk - coverJim Mahfood, aka Food One, aka one of our favorite artists ever, has released some dope shit over the course of his career. Ask for Janice, his ‘zine about the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, might be one of the coolest things we own. The man does amazingly with everything he touches, such as turning his online strip Los Angeles Ink Stains from JPGs to a massive book that lets you see everything in tight detail.
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