New issues of Jerk Store and Filter

filter-and-jerk-storeSome new publications have made their way to the mailbox here at the Nutghouse, which behooves us at Rock Star Journalist to hip you to that which you ought to be reading. First up is the newest issue perennial RSJ fave, Jerk Store.

As the ‘zine goes along, it’s coming into its own and getting a little comfortable with what is has to offer. It’s to the point that even though this ish is a little light on the personal stuff, that which is there pretty much blows your hair right back. The visit to Melbourne offers up a glimpse into a town most readers aren’t going to get to experience. It makes you feel like you’re wandering the streets with Alex and Kelly, though, so it’s just as good, and without the airfare. Alex’s discussion of Embrace really demonstrates what sort of impassioned writing he’s capable of, as well.
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Jerk Store #8 the best ish yet

zine-cover-jerk-store-8The last issue of Jerk Store came with a caveat that it was kind of a rush job in order to have something at the Fest 9 down in Gainesville this past October. Well, this new issue is fucking fantastic. It’s brilliant. There is something to be said for the work Alex put into this ish.

Bloody great stuff, like the rants…oh, the rants! They’re my favorite part of the whole ‘zine. Anyone can do interviews and reviews. Really, though, to be fair: the interview with the Gateway District managed to school me on all sorts of stuff I never knew about the band, and added a whole new dimension to how I perceived them. But, anyhow, the rants Alex throws down about collectible vinyl, and pre-orders, and people who videotape shows are all funny and insightful. I’m so very happy he found the time to get more in this issue.

Go hit up the store, buy a copy, and make sure that you support something that manages to cover bands worth covering and provide something more than the usual. And if that wasn’t enough, the first article in Jerk Store #8 is what looks to be a smashing recipe for jerk chicken.

Jerk Store #7 is international, baby

jerk-store-7Jerk Store is one of my favorite fanzines out there. The last issue documented the fact that editor Alex and his girlfriend Kelly had moved halfway across the world from Cardiff, Wales, to Perth, Australia. A good portion of the interviews and reviews in issue number six were done in Wales, so I was curious as to what a completely Australia-based issue would look like.

And, so, what we’ve got with Jerk Store number seven is a mix of the usual and the new. You’ll be introduced to Perth-based bands like Grim Fandango and Chilling Winston, but PPMB faves like Rumspringer are represented, too. While Alex does bomb-ass interviews, getting me to start punching names into the Firefox search bar, I’d really like Alex to start running stuff other than interviews and reviews. I guess he’s got a plan to do so, but this issue had an early deadline in order to get it ready for the Fest this weekend. In that case, the next issue has even more to offer…

You can read my review of the last issue over at Wayward Blog.