Inkshares’ Second Annual Horror Novel contest is going on right effing now We have been big fans of the various horror novels released by the publishing house, Inkshares. When we read Scott Thomas' Kill Creek earlier this year, we saw it as a "a solid modernization" of the haunted house novel, and referred to the ending as "sheer fucking terror." J-F Dubeau's A God in the Shed is a novel you'll "try to burn through this in a weekend, because it's the sort of story where you're desirous of knowing every maddening aspect of this strange town and the people within it." We really like their stuff, so when we saw that they were sponsoring a second annual horror contest -- and because we're now a solid five days into NaNoWriMo -- we thought we'd share with you the opportunity to submit your manuscript (partial or complete!) to the company. They'll be picking three authors for consideration, and given their ever-growing stable of solid reads, you'd do well to enter right here at this link. The contest runs through December 14.