Podcast #102, “In Advance Of”

comingupThere are times where I wish I’d just use all of the outtakes to the show, just so you can see how utterly amused I am by myself. It gets a little silly down here in the basement sometimes — there are things I say and do that leave me utterly in stitches. Additionally, I feel Like I should let you know what i listen to as I type up these previews as the podcast encodes. Currently: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Damn the Torpedoes. I’ve not had a copy on vinyl in the decade I’ve been in possession of a decent turntable, and it’s astonishing how much better it sounds than any of the innumerable singles when they’re on the radio.

All ranting aside, we’ve some great music from Slovenly Recordings, amongst others, to say nothing of an interview with Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids about the upcoming three-way split double LP they have with Los Straightjackets and the Fleshtones. It comes out October 1 on Yep Roc, and is entitled Mondo Zombie Boogaloo. You can find tour dates and order the record at Yep Roc’s site.

Podcast #102, “In Advance Of”
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Fury, “Flying”

hizac-logoChicago’s Hozac Records are the kings of lo-fi, scuzzy punk rock. The label put out early releases from the likes of Blank Dogs, Wax Museums, Wizzard Sleeve, and Nobunny, but they’ve now gone beyond breaking new acts and will be releasing archival records. The first release for the Hozac archival project is a very necessary 7-inch from the Testors’ Sonny Vincent. The 7-inch features recordings by Vincent’s pre-Testors band, Fury, and was recorded in 1972.

The record’s due out “very soon,” says the Hozac overlords. In the meantime, you can listen to the single’s a-side, “Flying,” below. It’s a muscular bit of garage, with some fantastic-sounding guitar work that pretty much overpowers everything else. It’s a tad bit rough, but man … just hit play and see how much this goes for the gut.