Springtime, “South Hill” 7-inch

cover - springtimeIs it lazy to describe Springtime‘s South Hill 7-inch as post-Cro Mags hardcore, fronted by Henry Rollins? Something about Springtime makes me want to start shorthanding every reference.

The group’s quite good — don’t get me wrong. This is actually one of the heavier releases Tiny Engines has put out. It’s just that the whole thing is very ’90s: specifically, early-to-mid, pre-pop punk / emo explosion. The vocals are still getting spit, but melodicism tempers the anger.
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Suck brings nothing new to the vampire comedy

suck-strawMuch as it wants to be cool, the vampire rock ‘n’ roll horror comedy Suck fails to engage the viewer enough to be anything other than perfunctory. The flick, in a nutshell: Jennifer, bassist for the Winners, gets bitten by a vampire, and then proceeds to live an existence that’s meant to be an allegory for musician drug addiction.
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