Podcast #23, “Scream For Your Life”

tales-from-the-crypt-comicOur first Halloween episode. I’m so proud, I could burst. This podcast is a little different from past episodes. First of all, I’m not in it at all. The second things is pretty much the reason for the first, as it’s nearly an hour and a half long. Add in back announce stuff, and this episode would be pushing an hour and three-quarters.

The other reason for me not talking is that there’s an awful lot of spoken word pieces in here, and I didn’t want to take away anything from them. I’m not going to compete with Basil Rathbone, anyway. I hope you enjoy this, and use this like crazy for your parties this weekend. I plan on blaring this at work on Saturday, myself.

We’ll be back next week with the usual stuff, including a bunch of new tunes from Traffic Street.

Podcast #23, “Scream For Your Life”
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Archive podcast #4 – October 28, 2006

sad-halloween-flierThe first ever Sunglasses After Dark Halloween show. The best? No. The coolest? No. The most fun? Arguably (although I did get to do the last one on Halloween, which was pretty baller).

I’m in the middle of raiding every record I own, to eke out every single Halloween-related cut I can possibly find for next week’s podcast. In the meantime, enjoy this archive podcast from four years ago, and get ready for spooktacular awesomeness next Thursday.

If you’d like a little more to whet your whistle, this Wayward Blog post from last year has links to four and a half hours worth of Halloween mixes I made. Seriously – put together, those mixes might be the best sequencing and mood I’ve ever put together. Yes, it contains a link to this very broadcast, meaning it’s a vicious circle of content reuse, but bear with me…the wait until next week will totally be worth it.

Archive podcast #4, “October 28, 2006”
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What shall I watch?

halloween-posterThe plan for the last two weeks of this month is this: in addition to the usual book and record reviews, as well as the Sunglasses After Dark podcast, I will be watching one horror / sci fi movie a day. Starting October 17, and going all the way through Halloween, I’ll post a blog entry about a different flick. I’ll actually be watching all of them, and while I plan to see some old favorites, I’d like some suggestions.

Anything you think I should see? Post it below. On October 16, I’ll post the list of what’s getting covered, and then we’ll get started the next day. Be aware that, while I’ve got access to Liberty Hall Video, one of the best independent video stores in the country, as well as access to BitTorrent and a healthy disregard for copyright law, if you suggest some really obscure Korean horror flick, I might have trouble tracking it down.
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Wiggly Tendrils presents a fantastic indie Halloween comp

cover-spooky-tendrilsThe Wiggly Tendrils, a cross-country writing collective, created an album up that went up on Beat the Indie Drum yesterday. It’s free, it’s indie, it’s Halloween…it’s kind of cutesy, but it’s also fairly fun.

All the bands involved in Spooky Tendrils came up with the song ideas, and the Wiggly Tendrils wrote them to spec. The opening track, from the Parents, features the superb lines “Let’s paint this town red / From Twilight to the Dawn of the Dead,” which is just the thing to snag my attention and rope me in for the duration. There are also songs about Dr. Mario giving you pills and a Jewish werewolf.

You can stream tracks, look at lyrics, and download the whole thing on the album’s release page.