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cover-night-birds-darknessNight Birds
The Other Side of Darkness
(Grave Mistake)

Night Birds Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, know how to kick things off. "Demon Haunted World" is the perfect album opener: badass intro, building to a speedball of a song that slambangs into the second track, "Neon Gray," without missing a step. I've listened to this album fairly much nonstop since it showed up, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group paypal, and I'm still not quite sure where one ends and the other begins. This interconnectedness demonstrates right off the bat that The Other Side of Darkness is assuredly an album, differentiating itself from the band's prior singles with a thematic sense of purpose.

The album is called The Other Side of Darkness for a reason. When you take revenge pictures and apocalyptic visions of the future for your lyrical inspiration, things are never going to be positive, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group. Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group japan, While the lyrical content's the more fantastic aspects of the dark side, Night Birds are still dealing with the dark side.

Night Birds have always taken late-night horror movies and sci-fi themes for their songs, but this time around, it seems like every track can be traced to some form of specific trashy entertainment. "Landfill Land, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group us," in addition to being a paeon to the group's home state of New Jersey, brings up imagery of both the Toxic Avenger and Street Trash. "One Eye" is quite literally the plot of Swedish revenge picture Thriller: They Call Her One Eye: "they hooked me on drugs [...] killing and revenge / everyone will pay."

"Hoffman Lens" takes the consumerist critique of They Live and makes it explicit. Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, If you want to get really crazy deep and over-analyze, you could say that choosing a movie set in Los Angeles is a way to tie the band's surf punk to the genre's progenitors like Dead Kennedys and Agent Orange. That might be taking things a little too far. 50mg Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group, There's an undescribable sense of deeper darkness in the music here, as well. Maybe it's because this is an album, as opposed to a single or EP, but the whole of this LP operates in the lower registers of the scale, rather than the higher notes, Cipro 2009 Phpbb Group canada. It's like listening to "Pipeline" by the Chantays, versus the Ventures' "Walk - Don't Run." The former is ominous - like The Other Side of Darkness - while the latter is rather upbeat and fun, like the Midnight Movies EP.

MP3: Night Birds, "Landfill Land".

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Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin

cover-night-birds-darkness Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin, I was just on my way out of the house to run errands, when this popped up on my Facebook feed. I had to share it with you folks immediately.

The cover art to the new Night Birds full-length (coming August 16 on Grave Mistake), Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin usa, The Other Side of Darkness is immediately to your left, 200mg Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin, and you can listen to "Landfill Land" below. The track is a continuation of the surf-punk the quartet has become known for, but it's harder, Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin us, louder, Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin overseas, and better-produced. The bass work on the track really comes through thanks to that production, and just makes the whole thing sound fantastic, 30mg Interactio Norvasc Amoxicillin.

I couldn't wait for The Other Side of Darkness as it was. Now, I'm foaming at the mouth.


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Progesterone Level Results Clomid

cover-shirksthe Shirks
"Cry Cry Cry" single
(Grave Mistake)
Progesterone Level Results Clomid, Did somebody distill all my favorite 7-inches into one potent platter of punk rock punchiness. If nothing else, it takes massive balls to entitle a song "Cry Cry Cry" and go nowhere near a Johnny Cash reference. Progesterone Level Results Clomid uk, The Shirks may very well be the heirs apparent to groups like New Bomb Turks and Gas Huffer. It's thrilling, dirty, punk-inflected garage that rolls along like a hot rod, Progesterone Level Results Clomid canada.

Granted, it's nothing new. The Marked Men do it well, as do the Hex Dispensers and Beat Beat Beat, Progesterone Level Results Clomid. Progesterone Level Results Clomid us, Is the Washington D.C. group rocking it just as well as those groups. Fuck, yes, 750mg Progesterone Level Results Clomid. The Shirks know how to write a scuzzy number. You'd be waving your beer around and slopping everyone in your vicinity if you heard these tunes live. 1000mg Progesterone Level Results Clomid, This 7-inch will blast by, and you'll flip it over and throw it on again. And again.

MP3: the Shirks, "Cry Cry Cry".

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Before And After Synthroid

cover-fresh-killsNight Birds
Before And After Synthroid, Fresh Kills Vol. 1
(Grave Mistake)

Normally, we try and steer clear of CDs here in the basement, because ... well, first of all, we don't have a CD player down here. Running CDs through the PC speakers is fine a and dandy, but for full effect, Before And After Synthroid usa, we really like to rattle things off the desk and shelves with a run-through on the ol' Frankenstereo.

Still, most of the material on this here Night Birds disc comes from previously released vinyl (specifically, the Art of the Underground single series #48, the Midnight Movies EP, and their self-titled 7-inch), as well as the band's demo cassette. So, we felt honor-bound to let you know you can get everything the band has thus far released in one easy location, and get addicted before they release their first full-length, The Other Side of Darkness, later this summer, Before And After Synthroid. 100mg Before And After Synthroid, So get your save the date cards ready and make sure to remember this release.

For those not hip to what's going on, Night Birds rock out, '80s style, blending the best of California hardcore with the speed and melodic lines of '60s surf. There's a strong Agent Orange influence here, as well as a tremendous swathe of late-night horror movies. Surf punk sounds a stupid descriptor with which to label Night Birds, but I'm really at a loss as to what else to call 'em, Before And After Synthroid craiglist. Before And After Synthroid, The band is fast, fun, and clever. Since this showed up in the mail a week or so ago, it hasn't left the stereo in the car. It's so breezy and speedy, it begs to have the windows down, while you ignore the speedometer and go for broke.

If you want a copy of this for your very own (and you do), 1st Five has a contest to win the Night Birds' discography. 50mg Before And After Synthroid, Draw the band nude, and submit your artistry by Monday, May 23, for a chance to win the CD, as well as copies of Midnight Movies and the self-titled 7-inches.

To clarify - that means the drawing, painting, whatever you do of the band has to be of them, sans clothes, 20mg Before And After Synthroid. If you want to be naked while you do it, go ahead, although it's not required.


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Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal

cover-deep-sleepDeep Sleep
Turn Me Off
(Grave Mistake)

Is it offensive to say that Deep Sleep Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal, really remind me of Good Clean Fun. Like, Shopping For A Crew-era Good Clean Fun. It's meant as a huge fucking compliment, but comparing a "real" band to a "joke" band might come off as an insult in terms of influence. Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal mexico, It's just that "Nothing Inside" is like someone smashed "Who Share Wins" together with the intro to "Rise Above," and it might be one of the best things ever.

Well, not ever - damned close, though. Deep Sleep manages to sneak in enough melody here and there that it sounds as if the band were the manic fever dream of a late-night college radio DJ, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal. "Turn Me Off" has that crystalline guitar sound that sang through the left of the dial in the late '80s, Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal craiglist, and "Play Another" features the sort of circular guitar work that typified early '90s proto-emo heroes, especially at the finish, where it builds and then quickly stops.

Each of the songs on Turn Me Off has something to grab your ear, 40mg Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal, and pull you away from anything you might be doing while listening. Deep Sleep has an uncanny knack for creating just the thing to make you have to lift up the needle and go back to the start of a song after saying, "Wait. Was that what I think I heard?" Which is what you will do, over and over again, until you simply take half an hour out of your day and simply listen to the whole album, 150mg Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal, start to finish, sans interruption.

The cover art on this phenomenal, featuring images pulled from a Paul Newman film with which I'm unfamiliar. Buy Clomid Pay With Paypal uk, It's eye-catching as all hell, and the heavy-duty white vinyl is swank, as well.

MP3: Deep Sleep, "Nothing Inside".

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Diflucan Potassium

cover-coke-bust-degradationsCoke Bust
Degradation E.P.
(Grave Mistake)

Every time I listen to Coke Bust's Degradation E.P. Diflucan Potassium, , I get a little younger, and a little more in touch with my inner hardcore kid. I have this theory that if I listen to it enough, I'll be transported back to my days of seeing H2O play all-ages matinees.

And, 500mg Diflucan Potassium, honestly, it's an EP you have to listen to over and over again. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it flurry of short, furious attacks. "Another Fucking Problem" opens the record with a machine-gun litany of shit you don't want to deal with: "Work, Diflucan Potassium japan, death, bills, time, 50mg Diflucan Potassium, life, stress," and after that, you're off to the races.

The whole of the Degradation E.P. almost fits on one side of a 7-inch, but it's fattened up with the album closer, "Deathbed," which drops the tempo from speed-bag punches to a steady, methodical ass-kicking, Diflucan Potassium. Actually, 30mg Diflucan Potassium, until "Deathbed," there are moments of melody and youth-crew catchiness that briefly surface in Coke Bust's songs that suggest the fact the band might be poppy underneath everything. "Long Gone" starts out like it might be a sing-along, Diflucan Potassium canada, but is quickly swept away.

Coke Bust is a band about whom I've heard good things, and all the hype surrounding the straight-edge crew is completely justified. Grave Mistake has found yet another band who manage to turn hardcore into something more than just the usual chugga chugga riffs.

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Colchicine Gout Treatment

cover-brain-fBrain F≠
"So Dim" single
(Grave Mistake)

Alex at Grave Mistake describes Brain F≠ Colchicine Gout Treatment, 's new single, "So Dim," as well as their "Restraining Order" debut as "mandatory buys for the beginning of the year." I agree, even if I've only heard this one, "So Dim." It's disorienting, to say the least. Both tracks clock in at around the two-minute mark, and are blasts of fuzzed-out garage punk.

The a-side, Colchicine Gout Treatment ebay, "So Dim," and the b-side, Colchicine Gout Treatment australia, "Symptom Set," are just dense. Everything is packed so tightly that you almost can't breathe as you're listening to the songs. The layers - guitars, 40mg Colchicine Gout Treatment, bass, and vocals - are fitted together in such a way that the title track doesn't have any empty space. Colchicine Gout Treatment usa, It's like a typewritten page that's been single-spaced and written in all capitals: you can understand what's being presented, but it feels a little tense and claustrophobic. You're left with the sense that someone's very high-strung.

This is the perfect musical accompaniment to several well-sugared cups of espresso and a pack of unfiltered cigarettes, Colchicine Gout Treatment coupon.

MP3: Brain F≠, "So Dim" .

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Buying Erythromycin In The Uk

cover-ladiesThe Ladies
Six More Reasons to Hate the Ladies
(Grave Mistake)
Buying Erythromycin In The Uk, There need to be more bands that sound like Apocalypse Hoboken or Quincy Punx. That adenoidal snotty piss-take on the vocals, sneering your way through songs that never break the three-minute mark. Buying Erythromycin In The Uk paypal, Check. Chords thrashed out, blasting through songs like a bull romping through a china shop. Check, Buying Erythromycin In The Uk canada.

This record's getting a lot of comparisons to the Dwarves, but I'm willing to wager that's more due to the naked woman on the cover in what looks to be an Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS-style Nazi softcore fetish film, Buying Erythromycin In The Uk. You combine shocking imagery and large-breasted naked women, and the Dwarves are bound to come up -- the Ladies further augment the shock with "Dismemberabilia" fading out the end of the EP with some squeals and screams that could easily be thought to be those of the woman getting whipped with a riding crop on the back cover. 50mg Buying Erythromycin In The Uk, Grave Mistake continues their walk away from hardcore to the no less fast and angry world of underground garage punk. I'm glad that more labels and bands are embracing that early '90s Sub Pop sound and just pummeling the shit out of some guitars at race-track speed, rather than engaging in tough guy braggadocio.

Granted, 250mg Buying Erythromycin In The Uk, the Ladies are pretty tough themselves (any band willing to take on a girly name and put out a record in a pink sleeve isn't exactly sissy). However, 750mg Buying Erythromycin In The Uk, this is music that's more drunk, crazy, thrashing about the room screaming the song titles as chorus and causing more damage to one's self than starting shit.

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