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cover-grey-area-go-rydell-splitGrey Area / Go Rydell
(Black Numbers)
Is Erythromycin Gluten Free, Another release that takes me right back to my late teens/early twenties, when nothing got me pumped like catchy singalong hardcore. H2O, Kid Dynamite - bands with breakdowns and choruses that had fifty to a hundred kids pointing fingers and screaming themselves hoarse on every song. I didn't get into the heavier hardcore until I was older, with bands like 7 Seconds being the angriest stuff I listened to until I discovered thrash in my mid-20s. Is Erythromycin Gluten Free craiglist, In other words, this album is remarkably fresh, as well as nostalgia for me. It's fresh, because after a steady diet of bands whose sonic output can best be described as "BLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGH!" it's nice to listen to something that has a legimate verse-chorus-verse song structure. Grey Area straddle the line between New Found Glory and H2O, meaning it's got a little bit of an edge, but your friends who listen to alt rock radio won't make you turn it down because "it's too angry."

Go Rydell continue their aping of Kid Dynamite, but up the rock 'n' roll on their side of this split, Is Erythromycin Gluten Free. "Battery Pak" has a nice little drop-out in the middle, 200mg Is Erythromycin Gluten Free, where the guitars cut out, and then come roaring up in the mix. It's a moment that reminds me why I love music like this so much: you've got the point where you've only heard the song twice, and yet you feel like you could pick the perfect moment to stage dive during the song if you heard them play it live (although, 750mg Is Erythromycin Gluten Free, I get the feeling that they probably pause just enough to make a couple people in the audience start rocking out early, and then everyone has a good laugh).

Get it from the label for a more-than-reasonable $3. They're out of clear, but you can still snag it on red or blue. I got the blue, Is Erythromycin Gluten Free canada, and it's absolutely gorgeous sky blue marble swirl. The whole effect is kind of calming. Also of note: Grey Area's side is 45 rpm, Go Rydell's is 33. 250mg Is Erythromycin Gluten Free, If you don't know this, things will be really confusing.

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Diflucan Vs Flagyl

Diflucan Vs Flagyl, Two recent indie releases may be new, but they hearken back a decade to the mid/late '90s. Both the Golden Age, from Orlando's Go Rydell, and Get Safe, by the Cold Beat of Allston, Mass play with the sound of the '90s underground, albeit from different angles.

cover-go-rydellGo Rydell's the Golden Age goes for the throat, Diflucan Vs Flagyl ebay, with a youth crew hardcore sound that owes a lot to Kid Dynamite. Granted, they're cool enough to cop to that in their press kit, but Go Rydell is still a band that wears its influences very prominently on its sleeve. It's also somewhat surprising that the band hails from Florida. Rather than taking the sound of Sunshine State bands like Hot Water Music or New Found Glory, Go Rydell sounds like a band straight out of New England, Diflucan Vs Flagyl. That New England guitar tone, Diflucan Vs Flagyl paypal, shared by bands from Kid Dynamite to Edna's Goldfish, shines through on the Golden Age, especially on "Levittown, LI." This is a fantastic debut, and the guttural vocals and upbeat, breakdown-laden tracks on this album are stellar. It's out now on LP from the Black Numbers. You can pick it up from the Black Numbers webstore on either blue, Diflucan Vs Flagyl usa, white, or green vinyl.

MP3: Go Rydell, "The Golden Age"

cover-cold-beatThe Massachusetts-based the Cold Beat takes their sound from the mellower side of the '90s underground, opting instead to go for the sound taken on by bands like the Get Up Kids. Diflucan Vs Flagyl, You listen to a track like "Hook, Line & Sinker," and it's impossible not to immediately flash back to the first time you heard "Red Letter Day." That strummed electric is always a clue to the fact that the lyrics to follow will be heartfelt. While at points the Cold Beat veer into alt-rock radio, 1000mg Diflucan Vs Flagyl, they still manage to charm. However, it's when their songs are most unpolished, that they're most apt to be gems. The ragged edges of "Copper Green" recalls the harsh beauty of the Pinehurst Kids, and with that second track on Get Safe the band had my attention. No clue as to how to get this -- there's an image on the band's MySpace page, but no ordering info, 750mg Diflucan Vs Flagyl. I'd hit 'em up for a copy ASAP.

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