Halloween horror marathon: The Monster Squad

poster - monster squadI first wrote about Monster Squad, Fred Dekker‘s excellent homage to the old Universal monsters, when it came out on DVD back in 2007. It was an old favorite from when my mom and dad used to let my siblings and I rent videos on the weekend. Having watched it several times in the years since I bought it, I’m still surprised at how good it is.

Monster Squad has held up far better than many of my childhood favorites, and not in the “so bad it’s good” kind of good, but genuinely entertaining. The kids act the way we did when I first saw the movie – foulmouthed, into things that are gross and sick, and borderline abusive to your friends — come to think of it, things haven’t really changed that much for me.
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Halloween horror marathon: Night of the Creeps

poster - night of the creepsThis is the fourth year I’ve done the Halloween horror marathon. I can’t believe I’ve never touched on Night of the Creeps. Looking back, it was on the docket for 2010, but somehow, I never made it to it. I’m not sure as to how that never happened, given that I’ve owned the DVD for the entire time I’ve been doing this cavalcade of creepiness.

Anyhow — this is Tom Atkins‘ finest hour. As Ray Cameron, he’s a hard-bitten detective. All cigarettes and quips, I could watch a series of movies with this character. His best line in the film is so iconic, they used it on the goddamned poster. And that’s before you’ve even gotten to “Thrill me.” Sure, Jason Lively as Chris is the “star” of the film, but anybody who’s ever seen this remembers Ray long after the rest of the characters have faded from memory.
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