The Night Terrors, “Pavor Nocturnus” LP

cover - night terrors pavor nocurnusCombining the best of two worlds of classic cinema scores, the Night Terrors' Pavor Nocturnus is an absolute blast. Working in tandem as it does with sci-fi theremin and a huge pipe organ, all of this album sounds akin to modern rescore of something like Mario Bava's Planet of the Vampires -- horror in space, essentially. Recorded on the largest pipe organ in the western hemisphere, which stands an astonishing 32 feet high and uses two motors to power the whole thing, one at 15 horsepower, and the other at 20. The sound this thing is far more powerful than any synthesizer could ever hope to be. There's just a deep resonance to Pavor Nocturnus I've not heard in a recording before. The grandiosity of the pipe organ actually allows for quite a study in contrasts. A very good case in point is "Megafauna," which has synths and the organ playing counterpoint melodies, and the difference in the thinness of the synths contrasting with rich fullness of the pipe organ really makes for a sonically dynamic track. "Blue Black" is the most masterful use of a theremin I think I've ever heard -- it took a solid minute of the song before I figured out it wasn't some oddly-modified violin. It's nicely complimented by the beats and drumming on "Gravissima," and that's what makes the Night Terrors so interesting on this album: there's a basic theme from which they work, but they diversify so much from that point, that you can't help but want to know what they'll come up with next. Frankly, the entirety of Pavor Nocturnus is that it almost out-Goblins Goblin. The Night Terrors work in that same sort of progressive rock meets abject fear vein, and their first two albums, Back to Zero and Spiral Vortex, I'd not really been able to get into, despite quite a bit of acclaim on the second. There's something about the addition of this pipe organ that lends the band a bit more gravitas than they'd previously been able to drum up, and makes their sound far more unique than the previous idol worship. This is the first release on Twisted Nerve, the new music imprint from Australia reissue label Dual Planet and Finder Keepers. I'm happy to see so many of these reissue labels branch out into releasing new music, and this is a very exciting start to Twisted Nerve. I can't wait to hear what comes next. [embed][/embed] More details on the Melbourne Town Hall pipe organ, where the album was recorded, can be found here. For more information on the Night Terrors' Pavor Nocturnus, or to purchase the album when it comes out on Halloween, you can visit the Dual Planet website.

Flagyl Alcohol After

cover-strange-passion Flagyl Alcohol After, For those whose only exposure to Irish music comes in the form of the Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, or the Cranberries, there's a wide-open field of music to choose from. Finders Keepers has compiled "rare, unheralded and unreleased music that emerged in Ireland following the first wave of punk and new wave bands." The collection is Strange Passion, and is due out on CD, LP, and download on July 17 via Finders Keepers imprint Cache Cache. Flagyl Alcohol After ebay, If the rest of the comp is even 10% as good as the sample track they've put out there -- Major Thinkers' "Avenue B" -- this is going to be a fantastic selection of music. I've not had a song so entrance me since hearing Chrome's "Electric Chair" for the first time several years ago. There's just something about sinuous nature of the guitar work and the way it wraps itself around the pleasure center of your brain.

The press release covers the rest of the artists included:

"Strange Passion is an intriguing snapshot of the music made in the Irish underground and DIY scenes in the early 1980s, Flagyl Alcohol After. While U2 were undoubtedly the breakthrough act from this new generation, the compilation shines a light on some of Ireland's undervalued acts, many of whom only lasted a year or two but made a big impact in their short but exciting existence. The female-fronted Dogmatic Element opens the album with "Just Friends, 50mg Flagyl Alcohol After," a rumbling, garage-punk tune that was self-released in 1982 on the band's first 7-inch, which was limited to only 1000 copies. From there the compilation explores the dark, cacophonous punk of The Virgin Prunes, Flagyl Alcohol After japan, whose "Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night)," the band's first single, is a primal dose of stabbing guitars, tumbling vocals and clattering drums that still sounds as urgent and relevant today as it did when it was released by Rough Trade in 1981. The Threat's tribal punk gem "High Cost Of Living" and the brooding "Play Safe" by Chant. Chant. Chant!, Flagyl Alcohol After mexico, who were spawned from The Threat after they broke up, perfectly captures the anger, disillusionment and frustration that was rampant among the Irish youth.

The second half explores the new wave, electronic and experimental sounds that were being created all across Ireland. Flagyl Alcohol After canada, The comp features the spacey new wave of Operating Theatre and Choice, the drum-machine sputtering punk-funk of Stano, the stomping new wave dance of Major Thinkers, the tweeish female-fronted synth-pop of SM Corporation, the futurist synth-wave of PH, the gothy minimal wave of Peridots and the lo-fi electronics of Tripper Humane."


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