Big Eyes, “Why Can’t I”

cover-big-eyes-whyAccording to the press release that I got from their publicist, the Big Eyes Demo 7-inch we reviewed the other day is now sold out. It seems that it’s still in the Evil Weevil store, but you might want to hop on that with haste, because their new single, “Why Can’t I” b/w “Your Lies,” comes out January 18 via Don Giovanni.

We already mentioned all this in the review, so you might ask as to why we’re mentioning it again this week. Two reasons: first, because the full-length has been pushed back until May, rather than February, as we previously reported. Secondly, they’ve released the a-side to the new single, and you can download it below. It’s fun – there are background “woo”s. It’s kind of punk doo-wop. Share and enjoy.

MP3: Big Eyes, “Why Can’t I”