Preview Eric Powell’s “Modern Masters”

The series Modern Masters — “Celebrating the lives and work of today‚Äôs greatest comics artists” — has covered George Perez, Bruce Timm, Frank Cho, and Mike Allred, to name but a few of the comics luminaries. However, the Nuthouse’s favorite scribbler, Eric Powell, might be the installment to which we most look forward. The man behind The Goon has a long history of opinionated speechifying, especially on the subject of independent, creator-owned comics. To get an in-depth view into his creative process is something we’ve long hoped-for, and we’ve got our copy of Volume 28 ordered, and we’re eagerly awaiting its release this Friday.

You can get a preview of it via the embedded widget above, or you can download a PDF and peep it on your compatible e-reader. TwoMorrows Publishing might be seeing a lot more of our money if they can manage to squeeze in a few more faves of ours (especially when their store has it 15% off). Might we suggest Jill Thompson or Evan Dorkin?

C2E2, Day 1

c2e2-day-01-002The first day of the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo had a lot of firsts for me — first time randomly accosting strangers for interviews, first time at a big con, first time walking three miles round-trip for breakfast (although, really, Eleven City Diner is totally worth the time and shoe leather), and first time just generally seeing what you can do with a mouth, a recorder, and a camera.
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