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The series Modern Masters Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, -- "Celebrating the lives and work of today’s greatest comics artists" -- has covered George Perez, Bruce Timm, Frank Cho, and Mike Allred, to name but a few of the comics luminaries. However, the Nuthouse's favorite scribbler, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction australia, Eric Powell, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction mexico, might be the installment to which we most look forward. The man behind The Goon has a long history of opinionated speechifying, especially on the subject of independent, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction uk, creator-owned comics. 200mg Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction, To get an in-depth view into his creative process is something we've long hoped-for, and we've got our copy of Volume 28 ordered, and we're eagerly awaiting its release this Friday, Quinidine Erythromycin Interaction ebay.

You can get a preview of it via the embedded widget above, or you can download a PDF and peep it on your compatible e-reader. TwoMorrows Publishing might be seeing a lot more of our money if they can manage to squeeze in a few more faves of ours (especially when their store has it 15% off). Might we suggest Jill Thompson or Evan Dorkin.

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c2e2-day-01-002The first day of the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo Buy Generic Acomplia, had a lot of firsts for me -- first time randomly accosting strangers for interviews, first time at a big con, first time walking three miles round-trip for breakfast (although, really, Eleven City Diner is totally worth the time and shoe leather), and first time just generally seeing what you can do with a mouth, a recorder, and a camera.

The advantage of the C2E2 organizers opening the doors early for press is that I was able to get in a full two hours before it got packed, which allowed me to get in a couple of interviews without the sound of several hundred people humming in the background. Got interviews with the likes of Hollywood Treasures' Joe Maddalena, some English teachers, and Lisa Marie Varon -- the former WWE diva Victoria, who now wrestles for TNA as Tara. Photos were taken by the ton, and I snagged some great deals.

Of course, that meant a full two hours of walking before the wife was able to join me, 10mg Buy Generic Acomplia, making my feet pretty sore by the time we sat down for our first panel of the day, the DC Direct showcase, which mostly focused on statues.

c2e2-day-01-064It featured the debut of the Before Watchmen Dr, Buy Generic Acomplia. Manhattan statue. Based on Adam Hughes' design, it's cast in a slightly translucent material, and has a luminous quality to it. Very nice, no matter what you think of the line of comics itself. Buy Generic Acomplia usa, There will be no radioactive or naked variants, just the one in the shorts, though. Buy Generic Acomplia, The Dark Knight Rises stuff was cool, as well, but more action figures would've been nice to see, rather than the seemingly-endless wave of (admittedly lovely) statues.

A line of archival-paper posters had me drooling: especially "Visit Kandor." They plan on rolling out more as time goes on, and while you can get it from your regular retailer, stuff will be available more readily online. There were fan suggestions of a Threadless model for crowd-sourced poster art, which were met with positive response, as it's something that's already in the works. Also on the way is higher-end Vertigo product, as that seems to be a market more inclined to buy statuary or lithographs, Buy Generic Acomplia coupon. No details, but it sounds quite promising.

Following that, we popped right across the convention center for Dark Horse's preview for the coming year, Buy Generic Acomplia. Dark Horse has quite a few upcoming Buffy spin-offs. Spike, Angel & Faith, and Willow all get their own series, even with Spike being busy in the Buffy series proper. And, announced the night before, 50mg Buy Generic Acomplia, was that Eric Powell's Goon was going monthly. More Goon is always a positive thing. Buy Generic Acomplia, The monthly book will allow for "bleed-through," according to Powell, but the issues will still be self-contained, "with beginning, middle, and end."

The publisher also announced their Free Comic Book Day offerings, Guild / Buffy and Serenity / Star Wars flips, which will feature short intros to their forthcoming Alabaster. What sounded most interesting, however, is that Oeming's got a creator-owned comic called Victory, which is evidently one of the sickest comics out there, along the lines of dark-humored comics like The Boys.

c2e2-day-01-066The biggest surprise of the panel was Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, who popped in to answer questions after his autograph session. Morello talked about Orchid, and how it deals with class, Buy Generic Acomplia us, describing the main character as the "Spartacus of whores." He wanted to combine the nasty monsters of The Lord of the Rings with the possibility of telling the tale of the people, rather than the King. The appeal of working with Dark Horse came through Gerard Way, whom Morello knew "through rock," but it also factors in that Dark Horse is creator-owned and very hands-off in terms of content.

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