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Garage rockers the Enthusiasts Diflucan Candida, just got done with a big batch of new recordings, and they've shared one with us, so that we might share it with you. The track's called "A Better Lover," and it's little more raucous, a little more amped than the "Sinkin/Risin" EP, 750mg Diflucan Candida, and a whole lotta fun.

Like everything else the Enthusiasts record, 10mg Diflucan Candida, this track was captured on their trusty Tascam cassette recorder. Mmm. Analog.

Now begins the long, Diflucan Candida ebay, slow, mind-scrambling wait for another official release. Diflucan Candida usa, Guess I'll just have to put this on repeat another dozen times and repeatedly harass record labels on Twitter, exhorting them to put this out.

MP3: The Enthusiasts, "A Better Lover", 200mg Diflucan Candida.

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cover-enthusiasts Diflucan And Nystatin, As I said on last week's podcast, sometimes the best stuff that comes in the mail is that which is totally unsolicited. Mondo Ray, Weak Teeth, Thee Oops - all of those acts are groups of which I never would've known had someone not sent me a record simply by checking out the website. And such is the same with the Enthusiasts, from a small town in New York state. Diflucan And Nystatin craiglist, This release sounds like it was recovered from the vaults of some long-lost '70s psych rock act. The recording, the playing - it all has that feel of a particular era, yet manages to sound of the time, rather than sounding as if it's simply aping a style. These guys know what the hell they're doing, and it makes you want to smoke a bale of weed, drink a few too many beers, and rock out in your basement with these guys playing over in the corner, Diflucan And Nystatin.

The title track does just what it says it will - it sinks down with fuzz and reverb, then surfaces, 40mg Diflucan And Nystatin, rising to the top with a powerful bit of guitar work that will pull you in over and over. The flipside, "Joanne," is a little more mellow, but no less rockin' and fuzzed-out. Diflucan And Nystatin ebay, For what's only the band's second single (the first on their own Magic Sleeve Records), this is amazing. Really, it's a great little blast of two songs no matter what, but this hair-shaking, air-guitaring workout of a single seems like the work of a much more established band. When the Enthusiasts drop a full-length, 20mg Diflucan And Nystatin, it'll melt the needle of your turntable.

You can buy the 7-inch at the band's blog. Recommendation to the band: next time, invest in plastic sleeves for the fold-over jackets, rather than stapling them together. Diflucan And Nystatin canada, It works, I suppose, but it's janky as hell and fucks up all the other records on my shelf.

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