Rumspringer answers what are in retrospect inane questions regarding their new album, “Stay Afloat”

Tempe, Arizona’s Rumspringer released their second LP, Stay Afloat, via Dirt Cult Records yesterday. It’s a dangerously catchy bit of punk rock, and a grand step forward for the trio. All three members were kind enough to take some time to answer our inane questions via e-mail.
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Low Culture (ex-Shang-A-Lang) demo available now

cover-low-cultureShang-A-Lang, the great lo-fi punk act from Las Cruces, New Mexico, plays their final show next month. Their final release, a 7-inch entitled Waiting for the End, is currently being pressed. I’m currently depressed, because my one chance to see them fell through, since they were playing a house venue in KC, and I wasn’t able to make it out there (even after trying my damnedest to get the show booked here in Lawrence).

Their farewell is November 4, at the Trainyard in Las Cruces with Underground Railroad to Candyland and Rumspringer (with whom they just released a split), but Chris already has a new band, called Low Culture, and you can get their demo on cassette from Dirt Cult right now. It’s also streaming on Bandcamp with a free download, so check it out, and send a few bucks if you like it. Chris describes the band’s sound as “a bit like Shang-A-Lang, but is a bit more scrappy and upbeat maybe?” It’s pretty well on the mark, but you can decide for yourself below.