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Mike Conte’s new label, Demon Problems, announces its first release

Posted in mp3 on April 30th, 2012 by Nick – Be the first to comment

cover-early-manIt should surprise no one that the first release on Mike Conte’s new label, Demon Problems, is a split featuring his band, Early Man. The other act is “LA’s impossibly loud hardcore/punk duo,” It’s Casual.

Early Man contributes the song after which the label is named, while It’s Casual offers up “Suffering” and “Father To Me.” It’s a limited pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies, with each side featuring a screened 7″x7″ canvas patch. That’s the Early Man side to your left. It doesn’t see release until May 22, but you can pre-order it right now. Take a listen to all three songs streaming below.
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