Podcast #99, “Pop Scares”

cover - Waxwork-Re-AnimatorThree weeks, and here we are with another podcast. I think this might be the start of something good. Here's to hoping, right? Anyhow, a goodly amount of new / newly-acquired tunes, along with an interview from Kevin Dredge of New Orleans-based soundtrack reissue label, Waxwork Records. We talked with Dredge about the ins and outs of reissues, as well as the label's upcoming releases. Their first release, a reissue of the Re-Animator soundtrack, is out tomorrow. They also just announced last week that they'll be reissuing the Krzysztof Komeda score for Rosemary's Baby. You can find out the details on that (as well as order things) at the Waxwork Records website. And if you're really hyped on the Waxwork Day of the Dead reissue, they're having a release for it in Hollywood, in late September. According to Dredge, "There will be a screening of the film, and George Romero and John Harrison will be there to do a Q&A after the film." No date's set, but keep your eyes peeled. Podcast #99, "Pop Scares" Barge, "Where's the Violence" (No Gain) Best Practices, "Home For Halloween" (Sore Subjects) Night Birds, "Last Gasp" (Maimed For the Masses) Sad Boys, "Frolic" (Sad Boys) --- Lawnmower, "Team Spirit" (Whack Yer Brain) Tyler Daniel Bean, "I Was Wrong" (Everything You Do Scares Me) GRMLN, "Coastal Love" (Empire) Shannon & the Clams, "Rip Van Winkle" (Dreams In the Rat House) --- Interview with Kevin Dredge of Waxwork Records --- Lemuria, "Oahu, Hawaii" (The Distance Is So Big) Mixtapes, "Swirling" (Ordinary Silence) The Bubble Boys, "10th & Mass" (Ownlife Records) Revolvers, "Marrianna" (Marley) --- The Hussy, "Zzuf" (Pagan Hiss) Diarrhea Planet, "Juggernaut!" (Loose Jewels) Radkey, "Out Here In My Head" (Cat & Mouse EP) Rocket From the Crypt, "Pigeon Eater" (Both Good Songs)