Halloween Horror Marathon: Tourist Trap

tourist trap header We're not off to a good start with this year's Halloween Horror Marathon. I basically haven't been home any night this week before 6:00pm, and there's been something waiting for me every night. I barely watched Tourist Trap in order to get this written, and I feel like I'm basically trying to write about something only vaguely half-remembered. That said, I love this movie, and I need to watch it more often than I do. Why more often? Because I can't remember character names or any of the particulars right now, but suffice it to say, Tourist Trap is a movie that I both can't believe isn't bigger than it is, while also being confused that as many people know it as they do. It's a movie that is simultaneously '70s and '80s. The creepy weirdness of everything in Tourist Trap lines up perfectly with other movies of the era, especially the likes of Phantasm, which was released the same year. However, it also presages the sort of strange things director David Schmoeller would later to go on to do. Watch Tourist Trap, then consider Puppet Master. By no means will you be surprised that they're by the same man. It's just so fucking uncomfortable, while at the same time run through with a sense of levity that doesn't actually ever release any tension. While watching, you know that you're supposed to laugh at this, but you're just wondering whether or not the intention of all of this is deadly serious. The music in the film, especially the copious amount of slide whistle, really makes this seem like a funhouse gone wrong. The mannequins are obviously creepy, but the strange psychic powers (very '70s) are what really makes this flick bizarre. Things are never quite explained, and watching it, you're just left to assume that everyone has gone mad and just accepts that it's happened to them. People deal with crazy, horrific shit, and then move on by living with plaster versions of their loved ones. No bigs. I think it's particularly telling that Pino Donaggio did the score. He did movies that were just weird -- The Howling, The Barbarians, The Black Cat, and especially Crawlspace, amongst others -- and seeing his name after "Music By" usually means that you're in for something astonishingly uncomfortable. The score is on sale as of yesterday via Waxwork Records. You can snag the LP right from their shop on blood red with black marble vinyl. You can also grab the movie on Blu-ray for pretty cheap. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQGui4LUwDw[/embed]