New Bomb Turks’ Eric Davidson talks 20 years of “Destroy-Oh-Boy”

new bomb turks
Last week, Columbus, Ohio’s kings of garage-punk, New Bomb Turks, released the twentieth anniversary edition of their oh-so-excellent debut long-player, !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! in a deluxe gatefold edition on Crypt Records. We got pretty excited about it, loving as we do both the Turks and Crypt. The band’s been playing a few shows to celebrate the reissue, so we took the opportunity to speak with the New Bomb Turks’ frontman, Eric Davidson, about the album, the band’s relationship with Crypt, and his new band, Livids.
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Die Ersten Menschen, “You Better Satisfy”

cover-die-ersten-menschenBachelor Records has released quite a few things we love here at Rock Star Journalist headquarters, such as Clorox Girls’ “Novacaine” single, and early stuff from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure Kids, Hunx, and the Black Lips. Thus, when a missive arrives notifying the world that they’ve not only got a new release, but an LP, it’s worth noting.

Die Ersten Menschen‘s debut LP, Apocalypse Now & Then (mastered by Crypt Records’ own Tim Warren!) is described as so:

If you have the slightest interest in series like TEENAGE SHUTDOWN or BACK FROM THE GRAVE you get crazy for this. If you have records of bands like (early) BLACK LIPS, HYPSTRZ, HENTCHMEN and such and like to play them over and over – DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN are the thing you should ask for in your records shoppe. Their sound is a bit like before mentioned bands, just give them a blend of wylder 60s combos and plant this seed into first class Crypt Records soil from circa 1993… Don’t expect this to be your ordinary BFTG copycat band dressed in hipster garment.

This is the real deal. Issit clear? Ah hope its crystal!”

I want this bad, especially after hearing this first song, “You Better Satisfy.” You too can get all tingly in the bathing suit area with a listen via the embedded widget below. Somebody get copies in the States posthaste so i don’t have to shell out for international shipping.

DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN – You better satisfy by gimp-o-rama