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collector-nerd Buy Flagyl, Attention record nerds. You're idiots.

Now that I have your attention, please allow me to clarify and explain: some of you are amazingly short-sighted idiots with the compulsory habits of Beanie Baby enthusiasts. Seriously. I'm not doing this to be "shocking," I just have a need to get this off my chest and let you folks who buy multiple copies of new releases in various colors are no better than the folks who fucked up comics for everyone in the early '90s.

Having been a nascent comic fan in the early '90s, I was perfectly poised to see the multiple-cover, chromium holo foil, die-cut, sealed-for-your-protection phenomenon that took comics from something that you read to something you collected, and much the same thing is going on with records even as I type this, Buy Flagyl.

Example number one: multiple colors. I understand the idea of releasing a record on three or four or five or however many colors, if you're going to do it over a period of time (first press on green, second on red, etc.). 20mg Buy Flagyl, To continue the comic book metaphor, it's akin to releasing the first press with a foil cover, then maybe a sketch variant for the second press, and maybe just a regular version for any pressing thereafter. You're rewarding early adopter status with something cool, in order to boost sales out of the gate. Buy Flagyl, This particular style of limited releases has a certain logic: it's a good way to get recognition, or offer something for people who buy early. The recent release of Night Birds' The Other Side of Darkness had a silk-screened cover for the first 125 orders. What I don't understand is the way labels have begun to release an album on multiple colors at once, and then selling them as "packs," wherein you can get all variants in one package.

Example number two: New Found Glory's newest album, Radiosurgery, is available as a pre-order, 40mg Buy Flagyl, wherein you can get all three vinyl colors plus a shirt and a slip mat. $60, right here. Now, I don't know about you, but considering I could get a single LP for $15, that says to me that you're willing to blow $45 for two more copies of the SAME RECORD, Buy Flagyl. They did the same thing with their "Listen to Your Friends" single. One song, on four different colors.

Granted, this isn't something that labels or bands would be doing without a demand. Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective might've created an artificial demand with three-month-prior pre-orders and limited quantities, but for the most part, this seems to be something that fans are demanding, Buy Flagyl ebay, and that's what I don't understand. Buy Flagyl, You say you're a music fan. Fine, I'll give you your mono vs. stereo pressings. I'll give you the European pressing with a bonus song. Remasters, so on and so forth ... all of these things indicate that you care about the music present on these pieces of plastic, Buy Flagyl. There've been pictures on the Vinyl Collective forums from people who have 35 copies of Against Me!'s Reinventing Axl Rose. When you buy extra copies of a record that sit on a shelf, sealed, just to have the whole set only puts you in the category of your grandmother and her Hummels.

There's going to come a point when the bubble bursts, and your friendly neighborhood record shop - the one that's already under fire from Internet retailers, 30mg Buy Flagyl, eBay, and iTunes - will be saddled with insane amounts of product it can't move, much in the same way that your local comic shop ended up with several dozen copies of the first issue of the Jim Lee X-Men foundering in their back-issue bin. Then, the mouth-breathing troglodytes who flip shit at cons, flea markets, and online will move onto the next hot thing, and that environment you helped foster will be the end of that which you love.

Music is for listening, much as comnics are for reading. If you're buying something to sit on your shelf, Buy Flagyl us, encased in plastic, might I instead suggest bugs in Lucite. They're educational, and the records freed up up might mean those of us who want to listen to them, can end up owning them.

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book-cover-destroy-all-monsters Success With Clomid, Despite all pretense to the contrary (smarmy comments at gallery openings, friends who paint/photograph/draw/screenprint, having traded mix CDs for prints), I am not an art afficionado. However, as the saying goes, I know what I like. This collection of the complete run of the '70s Detroit 'zine, Destroy All Monsters, 150mg Success With Clomid, from Primary Information, is one of the most fascinating books to come into the Nuthouse mailbox in quite a while.

Visually, this collection is akin to an idea I once had for punishing children: you lock them in a room with nothing but a strobe light, fog machine, and a stereo playing nothing but the Butthole Surfers' "Sweat Loaf" on infinite repeat at maximum volume. It's confusing and frightening, 30mg Success With Clomid, but after a point, you give in and accept the fact you'll have to live with not knowing what the hell's going on and accept what fragments you can catch glimpse of.

This is a facsimile edition of the 'zine, meaning what you're reading is pretty much identical to what was put out in the mid-'70s, complete with different-colored paper, strange Xerox color pages, and the odd smell of mimeograph paper, Success With Clomid. All that's missing is the occasional staple. It's still an engrossing read, even at a nearly 40-year remove from its time, Success With Clomid ebay, . The advantage of having all the issues in one volume is that you can see how Cary Loren, Mike Kelley, Niagara and Jim Shaw all had their artistic vision and abilities change over the years. The first three issues are far more single-image focused than later ones.

With the fourth issue (coincidentally, the Christmas issue), Success With Clomid coupon, Destroy All Monsters began featuring much more composite, collage-style art. While it incorporared elements shared with the first three, which would run through the entire run of the magazine - such as film stills, prose and poetry, Success With Clomid paypal, and a plethora of camp imagery - the pictures and art within began layering far more deeply, and the art and words were more intertwined. The Xerox color insert in the fifth issue only takes the layering and composition to its apex, incorporating psychedelic elements that leave the mind whirling and eyes agog.

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