Podcast #101, “Words and Music”

charly fasanoI almost feel like I owe Charly 'the city mouse' Fasano an apology after re-listening to the interview we did for this episode of the podcast. I wasn't on my "A" game, and I rambled a bit more than I normally do, which is really saying something. That being said, Charly had some great insights into his work and where it comes from, as well as what we can expect in the coming months (Hint: some more work with Lucero). His latest book is entitled Not Good With Names, and you can grab it -- along with everything else he's recorded -- at his Bandcamp. For those not into lengthy discussions on art and poetry (philistines), we've got sixteen tracks of punk, garage, and hardcore to rock your earholes, so there's that, as well. New tunes from Whatever Brains and Night Birds, amongst other cuts both classic and catalog. Podcast #101, "Words and Music" Dark Ages, "Nonproductive/Negative" (Vicious Lie EP) Night Birds, "Villa Obscura" (Born To Die In Suburbia) Hollywood Squares, "Hillside Strangler" (Killed By Death #1) The Panic Beats, "Night Like This" (Rest In Pieces) --- New Bomb Turks, "Born Toulouse-Lautrec" (!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!) Sonny Vincent, "Robot Radio" ("Totally Fucked" single) Gas Huffer, "Bad Guy Reaction" (Washtucna Hoe-down) Fear, "Hoochie Coochie Man" (Get Crazy! soundtrack) --- Interview with Charly "the city mouse" Fasano --- Walter Rizatti, "Blonk Monster" (House by the Cemetery soundtrack) Whatever Brains, "Bellied Up" (Whatever Brains (2013)) F.Y.P., "Animism" (Cooties EP) Bitchin', "Goddamn Heartbreak" (It's On) --- Red Kate, "Silent Picture Show" (When the Troubles Come) Truck Stop Love, "Stagnation" ("Stagnation" single) X, "White Girl" (Wild Gift) The Bronx, "She's Like Heroin to Me" (Shred Yr Face Vol. 2)

Zithromax Austria

book-cover-next-analog-broadcastI've been a big fan of Charly "the city mouse" Fasano ever since he sent me a copy of his Fast Geek Reader Zithromax Austria, a couple years ago. That compendium of punk rockers and poets was actually the impetus for the "Rock of Pages" column I did for the Pitch's Wayward Blog, which in turn became the foxus of this very blog. The material about which Fasano writes -- drinking, 150mg Zithromax Austria, concerts, life in general -- resonates pretty strongly with me, and it's always a pleasure to get new material from Fasano or Fast Geek Press.

His new chapbook, Next Analog Broadcast, 20mg Zithromax Austria, is a tightly-focused compendium. The tiny, pocket-sized volume -- due out in July from sunnyoutside -- collects poems, 1000mg Zithromax Austria, that despite in some cases being as short as a few lines, manage to convey novels' worth of story. My favorites, "Skinny Model" and "Doorman Math" are paired on facing pages, and combine to present a surprising perspective on female body image, Zithromax Austria. The lines "Better than / more tan / skinny when she wants to be" have me coming back to them again and again, amazed at their simple efficacy.

It's rare that I want to read poetry, 50mg Zithromax Austria, much less do so repeatedly, but Fasano's work has kept this slim work nearby ever since it came in the mail last week, and I've been picking it up and returning to my favorite pieces again and again, Zithromax Austria overseas, enjoying the wordplay involved. I almost feel sorry that folks have to wait a full two and a half months before it's released. Trust me, though -- it's worth waiting for.

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