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lisa-marie-c2e2Three interviews from C2E2 Cialis Mexico, on this week's podcast that I couldn't find a way to run on their own. It was a thrill to speak with three Chicago-area English teachers about teaching graphic novels. They had some insights into a completely different segment of the comic-reading populace, and it was probably the most satisfying conversation I had all weekend.

We also spoke with Lisa Marie Varon, also known as Victoria from the WWE and Tara in TNA, 750mg Cialis Mexico, about the differences between those two promotions and the restaurant she's looking to open in Chiacgo, as well as the founder of the new company, Black Action Tees.

All that and a ton of new rock 'n' roll on this week's podcast. 50mg Cialis Mexico, Podcast #84, "Post Con Comedown"

Shitbirds, "Oh Joy" (Oh Joy!)
Poppets, "Poolside Fun At Michaels" ("1+1=2" single)
Gaze, "Whenever She Holds You" (Patty Duke Fanzine)
Interview with Chiacgo teachers
Up the Academy, "Gimme Gimme" ("Gimme Gimme" single)
Gentleman Jesse, Cialis Mexico us, "You Give Me Shivers" (Leaving Atlanta)
The Black Keys, "The Breaks" (live) ("Your Touch" single)
Interview with the founder of Black Action Tees
Teen Idols, "20 Below" (It Found A Voice)
Boris the Sprinkler, "Drugs and Masturbation" ("Drugs and Masturbation" single)
Oingo Boingo, 500mg Cialis Mexico, "Only A Lad" (Oingo Boingo EP)
Interview with Lisa Marie Varon
Insaints, "Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah" (split wth Diesel Queens)
Scooby Don't, "Somebody Please Kill Lenny Kravitz" (split with Boris the Sprinkler)
Groovie Ghoulies, Cialis Mexico paypal, "Funny Funny" (split with the Donnas).

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Iowa-based Tom Brazelton has been writing and drawing Theater Hopper Cheap Acomplia, for almost a decade now. In that time, he's self-published three collections of the comic, 40mg Cheap Acomplia, made quite a few t-shirts, 20mg Cheap Acomplia, and grown a community around the adventures of a group of friends ever-so-loosely based on the people in his life. Sadly, now that Brazelton has two young children, Cheap Acomplia india, he's had to reduce Theater Hopper from thrice-weekly to weekly status, 1000mg Cheap Acomplia, and even that's been catch-as-catch-can in terms of what day it might appear. We took a moment at C2E2 to finally meet the man we've been harassing on various social media sites for the last five years, and ask him a few questions about the impending conclusion of the strip, Cheap Acomplia japan.

Listen to my interview with Tom Brazelton

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casual-cosplay Zithromax Long Term Damage, You can check out all the attractive ladies who were kind enough to let me snap their photos over at the excellent website, Geekbauchery, where Mr. Geekbauchery's audience is far more suited to salacious things than we crate-digging, 150mg Zithromax Long Term Damage, Zithromax Long Term Damage australia, book-reading dorks at Rock Star Journalist.

Look for the rest of our C2E2 coverage tomorrow, 250mg Zithromax Long Term Damage, Zithromax Long Term Damage mexico, where we'll talk with Tom Brazelton about the future of Theater Hopper and how he plans on wrapping that up. C2E2 was a blast and a half, Zithromax Long Term Damage overseas, and the wife and I have already made plans to attend next year when it's back at McCormick Place on April 26-28.

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c2e2-day-02-012 How Does Cialis, Less time on the floor for Saturday, the second day of C2E2. Firstly, we hiked the two miles up to the Loop to record dig for a while at Reckless, as no trip to Chicago is complete without looking for punk singles in at least one of their locations. Once back to the hotel, we knocked back a pint of Three Floyds' Zombie Dust, and thus fortified, hit the con. The wife and I split up, with me doing interviews with the likes of Theater Hopper's Tom Brazelton and the founder of new company Black Action Tees. Those interviews will run tomorrow evening or Monday morning.

After a very crammed and overly-stimulating hour and a half of bouncing around the showroom, trying to get things purchased and people spoken with, we sat ourselves down to catch a screening of the board game documentary Going Cardboard, How Does Cialis. How Does Cialis uk,

My full review will go up on Scene-Stealers, but suffice it to say -- this documentary is heartfelt, and enthusiastically adorable. If you sit down for the little over an hour it runs, you'll find yourself itching to go grab a few friends and sit down for a round of ... well, anything. Highly recommended, despite the slightly homespun feel of the film.

marvel-tv-logoThe Marvel Television preview was packed How Does Cialis, , despite the fact that everyone entering was being asked to demonstrate hat their cell phones were turned off before being allowed to enter. This was a hardcore bit of security, but this was some hardcore first-look stuff at what Marvel's got going with Disney XD. As Jeph Loeb stated, How Does Cialis ebay, the shows that are on Disney XD are "straight from the tap" -- Marvel guys doing Marvel characters.

There was a lengthy compilation of Marvel Mash-Up material, giving a long look at stuff that most people miss when they head to the bathroom -- "never fast-forward the commercials," indeed. After hearing of the Mash-Up's genesis on the SModcast Extra interview with Joe Casey, it was interesting to see how the Marvel TV folks have gone crazy with the concept.

Following that was the in-development animation test for the Paul Dini show, Hulk & the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., How Does Cialis. Being as how Hulk is posed to be "the hero of the summer" after next month's The Avengers film, the time is right to get the big green guy out in front of his own show, even if the program's not slated to debut until 2013.

The show closed out with two full-length episodes -- a month-early preview of a Bendis-penned episode of The Ultimate Spider-Man, 750mg How Does Cialis, featuring appearances by Wolverine and Sabertooth (which is side-splittingly hilarious, and features a plot element that really allows for some great gags), and tomorrow's episode of The AVengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The two shows are so different, it's hard to believe they're from the same studio. One's ultra-modern, and the other's a throwback to the likes of GI Joe in termds of exposition and plot details.

stephen-rannazzisi How Does Cialis, After a lengthy break for dinner (Opart Thai House, which is slow as shit to get your order, but speedy and delicious afterward), we ran to Jewel Osco for rum. Why rum. Well, paying $5 a beer for domestic is for suckers when you can walk an extra fifteen minutes and get an ass pocket for $6.35 plus tax. Thank you, Bacardi, How Does Cialis canada. We took our mixture of Goose Island and Bacardi -- the tastiest dark and stormy ever to be put in a coffee- to-go cup -- into the IGN Theater for the comedy show featuring The League's Stephen Rannazzisi and 30 Rock's Kevin Brown, better known as Dot Com.

I could attempt to sum up their acts, but that's nowhere near funny, How Does Cialis. Suffice it to say, the highlights were thus: Brown's got a part of his act where he asks for euphemisms for the female genitalia. One wit said, "Sarlacc Pit," provoking a "you're some fucking nerds in here" from Brown. As if to assure him, he was then corrected by half a dozen people when he mispronounced it as "Starlacc."

Rannazzisi told jokes about kids to an audience of 20-something single dorks (and one 11 year-old whose parents will have a lot of questions to answer on the ride home) and had them rolling. His story about ordering pizza while high and the ensuing hilarity was topped only by his closing joke involving an asshole at a red light. 30mg How Does Cialis, Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better end to the con for the wife and I, except maybe to have planned better and taken an evening flight Sunday, which would allow us to stay an extra day. Oops. Next year.

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c2e2-day-01-031Joe Maddalena is the subject of the SyFy show Hollywood Treasure 100 Mg Tetracycline, , a "documentary-reality series that delves into the fascinating world of collecting showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, including science fiction and fantasy props and costumes." Maddalena owns a company called Profiles in History, which auctions off the aforementioned memorabilia. Their next auction will be the props and costumes from last year's film, 200mg 100 Mg Tetracycline, 100 Mg Tetracycline japan, Captain America: The First Avenger tonight, Saturday, 1000mg 100 Mg Tetracycline, 100 Mg Tetracycline india, April 14 at 6pm as part of C2E2. Maddalena took a few minutes to speak with us yesterday about the auction and the excellent props within, 100 Mg Tetracycline craiglist.

Listen to my interview with Joe Maddalena

For more details on how to participate in the auction, look at the official page on the C2E2 site. Check out pictures of the props and costumes being offered after the jump.


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c2e2-day-01-002The first day of the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo Buy Generic Acomplia, had a lot of firsts for me -- first time randomly accosting strangers for interviews, first time at a big con, first time walking three miles round-trip for breakfast (although, really, Eleven City Diner is totally worth the time and shoe leather), and first time just generally seeing what you can do with a mouth, a recorder, and a camera.

The advantage of the C2E2 organizers opening the doors early for press is that I was able to get in a full two hours before it got packed, which allowed me to get in a couple of interviews without the sound of several hundred people humming in the background. Got interviews with the likes of Hollywood Treasures' Joe Maddalena, some English teachers, and Lisa Marie Varon -- the former WWE diva Victoria, who now wrestles for TNA as Tara. Photos were taken by the ton, and I snagged some great deals.

Of course, that meant a full two hours of walking before the wife was able to join me, 10mg Buy Generic Acomplia, making my feet pretty sore by the time we sat down for our first panel of the day, the DC Direct showcase, which mostly focused on statues.

c2e2-day-01-064It featured the debut of the Before Watchmen Dr, Buy Generic Acomplia. Manhattan statue. Based on Adam Hughes' design, it's cast in a slightly translucent material, and has a luminous quality to it. Very nice, no matter what you think of the line of comics itself. Buy Generic Acomplia usa, There will be no radioactive or naked variants, just the one in the shorts, though. Buy Generic Acomplia, The Dark Knight Rises stuff was cool, as well, but more action figures would've been nice to see, rather than the seemingly-endless wave of (admittedly lovely) statues.

A line of archival-paper posters had me drooling: especially "Visit Kandor." They plan on rolling out more as time goes on, and while you can get it from your regular retailer, stuff will be available more readily online. There were fan suggestions of a Threadless model for crowd-sourced poster art, which were met with positive response, as it's something that's already in the works. Also on the way is higher-end Vertigo product, as that seems to be a market more inclined to buy statuary or lithographs, Buy Generic Acomplia coupon. No details, but it sounds quite promising.

Following that, we popped right across the convention center for Dark Horse's preview for the coming year, Buy Generic Acomplia. Dark Horse has quite a few upcoming Buffy spin-offs. Spike, Angel & Faith, and Willow all get their own series, even with Spike being busy in the Buffy series proper. And, announced the night before, 50mg Buy Generic Acomplia, was that Eric Powell's Goon was going monthly. More Goon is always a positive thing. Buy Generic Acomplia, The monthly book will allow for "bleed-through," according to Powell, but the issues will still be self-contained, "with beginning, middle, and end."

The publisher also announced their Free Comic Book Day offerings, Guild / Buffy and Serenity / Star Wars flips, which will feature short intros to their forthcoming Alabaster. What sounded most interesting, however, is that Oeming's got a creator-owned comic called Victory, which is evidently one of the sickest comics out there, along the lines of dark-humored comics like The Boys.

c2e2-day-01-066The biggest surprise of the panel was Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, who popped in to answer questions after his autograph session. Morello talked about Orchid, and how it deals with class, Buy Generic Acomplia us, describing the main character as the "Spartacus of whores." He wanted to combine the nasty monsters of The Lord of the Rings with the possibility of telling the tale of the people, rather than the King. The appeal of working with Dark Horse came through Gerard Way, whom Morello knew "through rock," but it also factors in that Dark Horse is creator-owned and very hands-off in terms of content.

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c2e2-stuff Discount Lumigan, As stated earlier this week, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2, happens this weekend. There are scads of people from the world of film (John Cusack, Sean Astin, Val Kilmer), comics (Tony Moore, Jill Thompson, Eric Powell), wrestling (Jerry Lawler, Ted DiBiase), and books (Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris) appearing, 500mg Discount Lumigan, in addition to a slew of other folks. I'm not here to give you the guestlist. That can be found at the event website. What I'm doing is offering a brief rundown of the panels to which I am most looking forward -- bearing in mind that I won't be there on Sunday. So, let's look at what's worth seeing, shall we, Discount Lumigan.

Friday, April 13
Branching Out: Growing your Graphic Novel Collection Beyond the Core Titles

While this panel is "aimed at teachers and librarians looking to grow their graphic novel and manga collection beyond traditional subject matter," I'm attending because there are always great independent releases I could stand to discover. And, really -- who couldn't use a little diversity in their trade collection. 100mg Discount Lumigan, I certainly don't need to reread Transmetropolitan for the dozenth time.

Comics And Pop Music

Is there anything that's better suited for Rock Star Journalist than the intersection of comics and music. Discount Lumigan, We love what Silver Sprocket's been doing, but this offers up a more mainstream look at "the ties between music and graphic storytelling." The opportunity to find out how much scratch publishers pull in from Justin Bieber comics is worth attending alone.

The Geek Girl and the Artist: Women's Perspectives on Geek Culture, Gender Identity and Art/Media

Really, I'm most looking forward to the Q&A that follows this panel. My wife and I have had quite a few discussions regarding the sexy geek chick stereotype, and I hope to see how these women balance the things that interest them with traditional gender expectations.

Saturday, April 14

Never-Ending Battle PBS Documentary Sneak Peek

"Be among the first to screen portions of the first episode of Superheroes. A Never-Ending Battle, a new documentary series on the history of comic book superheroes." Out love for documentaries at Rock Star Journalist is well-noted, Discount Lumigan paypal, considering that's what we cover over at Scene-Stealers. Add in PBS, and you've got a pop culture doc fan's wet dream, Discount Lumigan.

Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary

See above. The documentary covers "designer" board games. I've no idea what that means, but it sounds fascinating. Yes, I'm giving up an hour and a half to watch a movie. Discount Lumigan, That's how much of a documentary nerd I am. Plus, things like this are the reason you attend cons -- it's a chance to see something that's not coming to your local theater. 20mg Discount Lumigan, Booze, Idiocy, and Dumb Luck: Nerd City's Guide to Becoming a Media Super Star

Drunky McBloggy could use some assistance getting readers, could he not. I'm aware this is a comedy show, but I need more dumb luck.

So, keep an eye out for coverage Friday and Saturday, with stuff appearing over at Scene-Stealers later next week. There ought to be a healthy gallery of cosplay pictures over at Geekbauchery, as well, 40mg Discount Lumigan. I'm worldwide, people.

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[caption id="attachment_4114" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="The Devil"]The Devil[/caption]
The Middle of the Map Festival Lumigan Opth Soln, is where I've been. Thursday through Saturday in Westport -- something like 80 bands, of which I saw a quarter. Then, Lumigan Opth Soln us, the band for which I yell played its first show Sunday night, so it's been four straight days of holy fuck. Lumigan Opth Soln overseas, Don't expect much this week, as we're kind of in a holding pattern until the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this weekend. That's right, kids -- Rock Star Journalist is covering C2E2, Lumigan Opth Soln ebay. Look for lots and lots of pictures, stories, 20mg Lumigan Opth Soln, and the like Friday and Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime, hold tight and check out my coverage of Middle of the Map over at Wayward Blog: the kick-off party, day one, Lumigan Opth Soln canada, and day two.

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