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cover-black-wine-hollow-earthBlack Wine Risks Of Clomid, 's new album, Hollow Earth, doesn't come out on Don Giovanni until next Tuesday, but you can stream it right now. Which you should do. They're less abrasive than Hunchback was, but not as poppy as the Ergs, 250mg Risks Of Clomid, either. They're this happy medium somewhere in the middle, 30mg Risks Of Clomid, and Black Wine just always seems to scratch an itch I never knew I had.

Listening to Black Wine usually results in me binging on Superchunk and Husker Du albums for a day or two afterward, because they're part of this very specific style of music that has very few practitioners. Infectious and catchy, 50mg Risks Of Clomid, but just discordant enough to keep them interesting. It's not boozy, Risks Of Clomid us, stupid music, but neither is it pretentious or high-minded. It's fucking fun, and I feel the more I talk about them, 150mg Risks Of Clomid, the more I need to just shut up and let you listen for yourself, so that you'll go pre-order it from Don Giovanni.


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cover-bw-dark-energy Diflucan By Vbulletin, Earlier this year, I tried to book Black Wine to play a show at the Replay. It never happened, for various reasons all beyond my control, and that just sucks, 150mg Diflucan By Vbulletin. I've never seen the Ergs!, For Science, Diflucan By Vbulletin ebay, or Hunchback, but I was hoping Black Wine, which features former members of all three, would be my way of making up for that, Diflucan By Vbulletin canada.

As it is, I'm making do with listening to the band's recording, 100mg Diflucan By Vbulletin, which until this point has consisted solely of a self-titled LP on Don Giovanni and an Art of the Underground single. Thankfully, they just announced that the band's next release will be the Dark Energy 7-inch on Don Giovanni in December. The label says that the EP "features one song by each band member." Listen to one of those songs, 200mg Diflucan By Vbulletin, "Pick At Pieces," below.

MP3: Black Wine, "Pick At Pieces".

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