New Coke, “Duct Tape Your Mouth” 7-inch

cover - new coke duct tapeThe latest from New Coke isn't as deliriously weird as their first single. Can anything be as uncomfortably wonderful as "He Got Stabbed In the Throat"? I humbly submit the answer be, "No - no fucking way." Granted, the Duct Tape Your Mouth EP is still pretty uncomfortable -- it isn't as delightfully weird as its predecessor, but it's still super-uncomfortable. The title track is a strangely catchy tale of home invasion and hostage situation and (like the other two tracks on this single) suitably jittery and edgy. It almost seems like New Coke's material on this EP is thematically linked -- especially when you dig into the lyrics. Duct Tape Your Mouth sounds as if it's the rantings of a man who's found someone fooling around or doing something behind his back, doesn't know how to take it, and ties them up, rants, and starts a standoff. Based on the fact the final song is entitled "I Am Drunk, I Have A Gun, I Want Names," I'm guessing it doesn't end well. Not to spoil anything, but he "shot a man at close range," and considering they were calling his wife at the end of the title track, somebody's going down. You can pre-order the 7-inch from Black Gladiator / Slovenly.

PYPY, “Pagan Day” LP

cover - pypyPYPY's debut release, Pagan Day, has the unfortunate timing of coming out after Savages' Silence Yourself. It's all too unfortunate that it's going to be compared to that bit of disco-tinged post-punk. This is, however, a less focused release than that, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Pagan Day meanders and engages in psychedelic freakout workouts, making the moments when PYPY focuses that much more intense. There's a lot of build-and-release on this album, and it makes for an involving listen. "New York" will just work a dance bassline for a good half minute before turning the burbling, underwater guitar into pointed riffs, simply exploding from your speakers. You'll be nodding along, then suddenly rocking out, thrashing about the room, like you've been possessed by a fucking demon. Then, of course, the song following it, "Molly," is a pretty standard psych-rock number. Guitar solos all over the place, flanged vocals, and an end that doesn't so much build as collapse upon itself. It's the sheer unpredictability of PYPY that makes Pagan Day such a fantastic, intriguing listen. It certainly doesn't hurt that, smack-dab in the middle of the record, comes "Daffodils," an absolutely perfect dance jam. Slovenly and Black Gladiator make mention of Liquid Liquid in the press kit, but the track also manages to work in some evil proto-metal fuzz and a bassline that's quite reminiscent of Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business." You're then sent into the jittery, uncomfortable "Too Much Cocaine," which might as well have been recorded during a full-on bender in the studio. It will make you feel like you've slammed a pot of coffee, then topped it off with a shot of DayQuil. It's twitchy, yet manages to find a way of getting your feet tapping, even with someone screaming "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" in the background of the song. It's not due out until February 11, but you can pre-order it on Bandcamp. There are 50 mailorder copies on white vinyl (out of a pressing of 100), and plenty available on black or CD.

Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin

cover-psyched Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin, Is "vision-obscuring" a proper compliment for an album. Let's say so. Basically, I found myself regularly having to brush my hair out of my face, as it was going everywhere while I was listening to this. 100mg Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin, The Psyched's self-titled LP (a joint production of Slovenly Records and Black Gladiator) is the very definition of a stomping record.

The way the Psyched build to anthemic, pounding choruses means that you're going to find yourself doing that thing so eloquently described by Mr. Homer J, Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin. Simpson:

"Now, when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head, 1000mg Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin, like I'm saying 'yes' to every beat: 'Yes, yes, yes, this rocks.' And then sometimes I switch it up like, 40mg Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin, 'no, no, no, don’t stop a-rockin'."

While we tend to get a bit declarative regarding certain albums here at Rock Star Journalist (especially after we've been drinking, which is often), it seems rather obvious to us that this ought to be the official "pumping your fist while driving" album of the summer, 200mg Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin. Additionally, lots of air-drumming accompanies any listen to the Psyched, and you'll find that your vehicle's steering wheel and ceiling will both be receiving a rather grandiose amount of rhythm.

Big ups for the fuzz-and-distortion infused cover of Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home to Me" for the closer. Drs Charles Bluestone Amoxicillin uk, It drops things down from the crazed pounding to a sweetly soulful conclusion to the record. Granted, it's still an unflinching bit of garageness, but compared to what preceded it, it's absolutely sedate.


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