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book-cover-slasher-movie-book Rosacea Topical Tetracycline, J.A. Kerswell's The Slasher Movie Book is, quite literally, a colorful affair. In addition to the myriad posters, lobby cards, and advertisements presented in loving detail, the different sections come in assorted background colors. The rather hefty tome, out now from Chicago Review Press, Rosacea Topical Tetracycline craiglist, is a wonderfully illustrated and compiled love letter to the slasher genre.

As with every book of this stripe, some background is required, and Kerswell traces the slasher film all the way back to the Grand Guignol in late 1800s' Paris, then works it up through the Hitchcockian thrillers of the '60s and '70s. The author takes a brave tone in stating that Halloween is the first true slasher, Rosacea Topical Tetracycline. I say "brave," as so many other folks (myself included) tend to go with its predecessor, Black Christmas. 500mg Rosacea Topical Tetracycline,

That's a minor quibble, however. The Slasher Movie Book is a fun read, if bit breezy -- I killed it over the course of an evening, mainly due to the fact that it's easily 50% images. The collection of images is impressive. Rosacea Topical Tetracycline, Kerswell shows many of the iconic posters for many of the films, but also offers up a lot of the gorier overseas imagery, especially those from Japan and Mexico (Mexico is overseas when your author is writing from a British perspective).

The only major complaint about The Slasher Movie Book. It's too thorough -- at least in terms of the quantity of films covered. I never thought that'd be a complaint, but to have cut the number of films in half, Rosacea Topical Tetracycline australia, and addressed them more thoroughly, would have resulted in a much more satisfying read. When Kerswell gets in-depth (as he does when focusing on aspects such as Ennio Morricone's music for Italian giallos), it's a richly-nuanced bit of reading. The boom-boom-boom lists of film after film lends itself to skimming: when you see a paragraph that's mostly italicized, you move along to the next, post-haste, Rosacea Topical Tetracycline.

Thankfully, once the author reaches the "golden age," things slow down. Movies are analyzed with more than a brief plot summary and generalities concerning their contributions to later, 250mg Rosacea Topical Tetracycline, more iconic films. Many of the tent-pole films get quite a bit of ink, although it's mainly in terms of their plot points and critical reception. Other than the box office take, the slasher films aren't really discussed in relation to anything other than themselves. Rosacea Topical Tetracycline, There's a sidebar wherein Kerswell demonstrates what mainstream film took from the slasher, but that's it. Basically, it's a cyclical, reflexive book that -- once the history is established -- exists only to examine itself.

This is a great book for fans of the genre who are looking to dig a little deeper, and discover what obscurities are worth tracking down, 750mg Rosacea Topical Tetracycline. Trashy movie aficionados and kitsch kids will dig it, as well -- especially with the wild pics inside. Your average moviegoer's going to be overwhelmed, and those looking for something a little more analytical will be slightly let down.

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poster-black-christmasThis counts as a horror movie AND Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results, holiday movie. Shall we make a new genre. We can call it "horrorday," and put in April Fool's Day, My Bloody Valentine, and Black Christmas, 40mg Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results. Santa's Slay with Bill Goldberg won't be included, because it's atrocious.

Black Christmas is considered a classic, especially due to the fact that so many of it's tropes have been lifted by films that succeeded it: the P.O.V. shots of the killer (Halloween), the lone cop who knows what's going on (most every movie), et al, Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results. 20mg Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results, It's difficult to watch today, because so many things that were novel in 1973 seem tired today.

Not tired are the killer's lines in his phone calls: "I'll stick my tongue up your pretty pink pussy" is delivered in a frenzy, with "right after I kill you" in an eerily calm deadpan that chills you to the bone. Also chilling is the overwrought alcoholism of the house mother and Margot Kidder's Barb. Really, 10mg Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results, booze turns all women in this movie into raging bitches. Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results, Olivia Hussey is amazing, as is John Saxon, but the rest of the actors continue on hamming it up like they're trying to compete with Al Pacino in a scenery-chewing contest. Hussey and Saxon succeed mainly by virtue of restraint, more than anything else.

That restraint of the actors is in the pacing, Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results japan, too - the ending wouldn't be half as scary without the quiet ambiance generated by half-seen terrors and aural frightenings. The fact nothing's ever really explained works in the movie's favor, too. If I knew "Billy's" backstory, would that be as terrifying as a crazed, psychotic killer, Does Flagyl Affect Prograf Blood Results usa, unhinged beyond all knowing. I think not.


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