Kerswell’s “Slasher Movie Book” great for fans of the genre, if a little superficial

book-cover-slasher-movie-bookJ.A. Kerswell‘s The Slasher Movie Book is, quite literally, a colorful affair. In addition to the myriad posters, lobby cards, and advertisements presented in loving detail, the different sections come in assorted background colors. The rather hefty tome, out now from Chicago Review Press, is a wonderfully illustrated and compiled love letter to the slasher genre.
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Halloween horror marathon: Black Christmas

poster-black-christmasThis counts as a horror movie AND holiday movie. Shall we make a new genre? We can call it “horrorday,” and put in April Fool’s Day, My Bloody Valentine, and Black Christmas. Santa’s Slay with Bill Goldberg won’t be included, because it’s atrocious.

Black Christmas is considered a classic, especially due to the fact that so many of it’s tropes have been lifted by films that succeeded it: the P.O.V. shots of the killer (Halloween), the lone cop who knows what’s going on (most every movie), et al. It’s difficult to watch today, because so many things that were novel in 1973 seem tired today.
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