Review of Beyond the Gates at We Are Indie Horror


Jackson Stewart’s love letter to ‘80s horror has been making the festival rounds all year, and it’s been racking up kudos from the start. Beyond The Gates won the Nightfall Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival, its first outing, and since then, it’s been nothing but plaudits — and justifiably so. While some films heap on winking asides and wallow in nostalgia, Stewart’s directorial debut instead finds the ambiance of those classic VHS flicks and brings them into the modern era.

Read the full review at We Are Indie Horror. Published 12/8/16

Interview with Barbara Crampton at We Are Indie Horror


With her roles in such ’80s horror classics as Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and From Beyond, as well as her comeback films You’re Next and We Are Still Here, it can readily be said that actress Barbara Crampton is an icon of the genre. In Beyond the Gates, the debut feature from Jackson Stewart, however, Crampton takes on a new role in addition to that of an actress, for the first time she’s a producer. The movie – about a VHS board game with sinister implications and repercussions, and the two brothers who discover it – is a throwback to those fun films which made Crampton‘s name and career. We spoke with Barbara Crampton by phone from her home in San Francisco about Beyond the Gates and her approach to acting.

Read the full interview at We Are Indie Horror. Published 12/7/16