Cinepunx’s Best of 2018

Cinepunx's Best of 2018

Cinepunx's Best of 2018

It’s the Best Movies and Music of 2018, as determined by your friends at Cinepunx. Because we’re egalitarian as hell, we not only let everyone determine their own lists, we let them determine their own awards, and — throwing all caution to the wind — we even invited friends of the site to join in th


Nation Pic Prozac

cover-cafeteria-dance-feverPutting the punk into garage punk comes Portland's Cafeteria Dance Fever Nation Pic Prozac, . Their new best-of collection, entitled Danceology, spans an LP, EP, Nation Pic Prozac mexico, and a fistful of singles on the Portland label Hovercraft. The whole compilation swings from shambolic pop on the Vaselines-on-Adderol "Ocular Evulsor," to the slam-bang of "Puke Overboard."

Is it dancey. 500mg Nation Pic Prozac, If you're fucked up six ways from Sunday on cheap booze, yes. Cafeteria Dance Fever are punk rock not in the way it's come be these days, but in the way it used to be -- getting out there with a vision and pursuing it, genre conventions be damned, 250mg Nation Pic Prozac. However, for all the dischordant, off-key singing and strumming, this is still a pop record, Nation Pic Prozac.

The "na-na-na" bit during "A Rainbow That Shoots Nunchuks At People". The way Sacia croons "leeches" sweetly at the end of "Eyeball Feast Of The Horrid Leeches". The Jonathan Richman strumming at the start of "Where's My Bleach?" (along with what sounds like a recorder). Nation Pic Prozac australia, That's a pop band playing at the speed of punk, and trying to keep things fun, rather than polished. Nation Pic Prozac, I'll take enthusiasm over practice most days. Damned shame they're breaking up, though, 750mg Nation Pic Prozac. I hate finding bands as they're on the way out. It feels like you're mourning something you never got the chance to properly love.

The CD is $5 postage-paid from the Hovercraft store.

MP3: Cafeteria Dance Fever, "Swimming Pool".

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Cialis Reviews

2011 Cialis Reviews, This second-annual year-ended podcast exemplifies the idea of of "Better late than never," but at least it's before New Year's. We'll count that as a victory, shall we. Ignore the hiccups, Cialis Reviews japan, coughs, burps, 150mg Cialis Reviews, throat-clearing, and assorted other annoyances and focus on the fact that I'm running everything through a lovely Tascam mixer and Sennheiser mic setup now, meaning the podcast sounds crystal clear. No more sibilant consonants, 500mg Cialis Reviews. It's a Christmas miracle.

Podcast #73, 250mg Cialis Reviews, "The 2011 Year-Ender"

Big Eyes - Why Can't I
Laura Stevenson & the Cans - The Healthy One
Mixtapes - The New Ride the Lightning
Cerebral Ballzy - On The Run
Crisis of Conformity - Fist Fight
Dark Ages - No Rules, Rules
Der Todesking - Homo Erectus
Weak Teeth - Repetition Implies Importance, Implies Importance
Shards - Suicide
Double Negative - Face Jam
Punch - How Nothing Lasts
Night Birds - Midnight Movies
Brain F - So Dim
Sharks - Hip Hop Hooray
the Shirks - Prostitution Summer
the Hussy - Have A Say
Stalkers - Lady Sonia
Mouthbreathers - The Creeper
The Gateway District - Run Away
Bomb the Music Industry. - Vocal Coach
Half Hearted Hero - Mirrors
COALESCE - Every Reason To
Ultimate Fakebook - All the New Poisons
The Embarrassment - Sex Drive, 1000mg Cialis Reviews.

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Hydrochloride Tetracycline

2010-glasses Hydrochloride Tetracycline, It's the end of the line, kids - for the year, at least. This is the stuff we loved this year at Rock Star Journalist, and the Sunglasses After Dark podcast, in particular. These are 15 tracks from this year's punk and garage vinyl releases we feel you ought to take a listen to. Hydrochloride Tetracycline ebay, Granted, there were quite a few releases that didn't fit into this week's podcast, but we've featured them on past episodes.

I covered my five favorite vinyl reissues of the year over at Wayward Blog. One of them's on this week's podcast, but several others made it onto shows earlier in the year, Hydrochloride Tetracycline. I say in the podcast that this is the end of the road this year, with me taking a couple of weeks off, 100mg Hydrochloride Tetracycline, but don't be surprised if some holiday tunes find their way to you next Thursday. Just a heads up.

Podcast #29, "The 2010 Year-Ender"

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, 10mg Hydrochloride Tetracycline, "Bottled In Cork" (The Brutalist Bricks)
The Bouncing Souls, "Gasoline" (Ghosts On the Boardwalk)
Mixtapes, "I'm Like" (A Short Collection of Short Songs)
Sexcapades, "The Hucklebuck" (Florida's Dying Party Platter)
Wheels On Fire, "Black Wave" (Cherry Bomb)
Gentleman Jesse, "She's a Trap ("She's A Trap" single)
Nobunny, Hydrochloride Tetracycline japan, "(Do The) Fuck Yourself" (First Blood)
The Half Rats, "For the Sake Of Love ("For the Sake of Love" single)
The Limiñanas, "Je suis une go-go girl" (The Limiñanas)
Night Birds, "Prognosis:Negative" (Night Birds)
Tyvek, Hydrochloride Tetracycline india, "Future Junk" (Nothing Fits)
No High Fives to Bullshit, "My Friends?" (Dangerous Intersections Vol. VI)
Chronic Sick, "Dress Code" (Cutest Band In Hardcore)
Zombie Dogs, "Psycho Gyno" (Zombie Dogs)
Punch, "Stay Afloat" (Push Pull).

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