Sneak peak of Berwanger’s ‘Exorcism Rock’ figures at Modern Vinyl


For the forthcoming Berwanger album, Exorcism Rock — the second for the band, and first for label Doghouse Records — frontman Josh Berwanger has more in mind than just 11 tracks of exceedingly catchy rock ‘n’ roll. As if four different vinyl variants weren’t enough, there’s going to be an action figure variant.

Wait, what?

Yes, indeed. An action figure tied to a new album isn’t new, obviously — Major Lazer and Less Than Jake have both released vinyl toys to tie in with records — but this might be the first to be blister-carded to the front of an LP. It’s such a crazy and cool idea, we reached out to Berwanger, as well as the man making it, Aaron of indie toymaker, Retroband. Not only did we get to hear about the new collaboration, but we have the exclusive first look at the Exorcism Rock toy.

Read both Q&As in full at Modern Vinyl. Published 10/20/16

September Cine Local at the Pitch


Somehow, the vast majority of this roundup all came in immediately after we posted last month’s installment. Happily, there are some gorgeous visuals from rock acts such as Chris Crabtree, Chris Meck & the Guilty Birds, and Berwanger, the Uncouth’s street punk, and a funky newscast from the Band That Saved the World.

Watch all the videos at the Pitch. Published 10/4/16

August Cine Local at the Pitch


If you’ve read this week’s issue, you’re obviously aware there are tons of great local releases out now. And now, if you watch your way through all of these videos, you’ll know all about the releases coming out in the next couple of months. Whether you like Keef Mountain’s stoner doom, Various Blonde’s genre-breaking beats, the heartbreaking pop of Heidi Lynn Gluck, or Berwanger’s glam power-pop, there’s something to catch your eyes and ears. We even have some classic footage from the Wilmas in this month’s Cine Local.

View all the videos at the Pitch. Published 9/1/16

Berwanger announces split with TK Webb

art - berwanger tk webb split
We’ve demonstrated some love for Berwanger a lot recently, and it’ll only ramp up now that the band’s getting ready to release their full-length, All You Can Eat, later this spring. In advance of all of that, however, will come this split 7-inch with TK Webb on California’s Creme Tangerine Records. Berwanger’s contribution, as you can see, is the track “Neon Corners.” No clue as to when the split will see release, but keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page for more updates.

You can hear a live version of the band’s track below, in a live video shot by Sid from Too Much Rock during their show at the Jackpot in Lawrence on Thursday, February 7, 2013.
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Soft Reeds / Berwanger / Dark Satellites at the Replay, 2/8/13

Another Friday night, another show at the Replay. It seems the folks booking bands for the bar understand that people will go out on a weekend night to drink, no matter what, especially in a college town. Considering they can go most anywhere, it’s worth throwing a good show together to drag in a few extra folks.

Friday’s show was a particularly Kansas City affair — the wife and I saw few people we recognized, and Soft Reeds is a popular enough act these days to pull the crowd west down I-70 to see them. They’ve a new album coming out later this month, entitled Blank City, and the majority of the songs they played during their headline set drew from it.
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Gentleman Jesse & His Men at the Jackpot

Gentleman Jesse

Gentleman Jesse

Every time I see Gentleman Jesse & His Men, it’s a clinic in pure power-pop. The man’s songs are perfect three-minute encapsulations of everything that’s punchy and catchy. I’m pretty sure the charlie horse I’m currently trying to work out of my right calf is the result of tapping my toes for the entirety of the band’s set last night.
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