KKFI Beatles tribute feature at the Pitch

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In the world of community radio, funding is a must. So KKFI 90.1 does on-air pledge drives, echoing the calls put forth by nationally subsidized media PBS and NPR. Instead of mugs and tote bags and umbrellas, though, KKFI has been using live music as its fundraising premium. Which this weekend yields the station's fifth Beatles tribute show, organized by station manager Barry Lee.
Read the full feature at the Pitch. Published 10/6/16

KC Uncovered III to “Shine A Light” on the legacy of Abigail Henderson

[caption id="attachment_17418" align="alignleft" width="195"]Poster by Jud Kite Poster by Jud Kite[/caption]On Saturday, December 21, Slimm Adkins and Bill Sundahl will present Kansas City Uncovered III at the recordBar in Kansas City. As the name implies, it's the third installment in the popular cover-song performance series, but this installment's a little different than those previous. This third installment, entitled "Shine A Light," will deviate from the formula the initial KC Uncovered shows have followed. In those cases, bands would draw a CD from a hat and then have a month to learn another local act's songs. The first KC Uncovered was May 22, 2010 (also at the recordBar), and featured the likes of American Catastrophe covering Federation of Horsepower, and Federation of Horsepower covering Bleach Bloodz, and so on. The particular reason for "Shine A Light" is to celebrate the music of the late Abigail Henderson, who passed away from cancer on August 27. Henderson, in addition to her work as musician, was the co-founder of the Midwest Music Association, which raised money to help provide musicians with access to health care. As Bill Sundahl puts it, "The goal for this event is to raise awareness of the great songwriting that came out of Abigail Hope Henderson. Also, we want to raise awareness and money for MMF." In addition to being an evening full of Henderson's music, it's the first day of the 10 day voting period for Boulevard Brewing Company's KC Pils campaign. At the end of December, a ten-day online public voting period will determine how the money will be divided, with the top vote getter receiving 60% of available funds and the two runners-up each collecting 20%. As further tribute, all the door proceeds will go to the Midwest Music Foundation. Making your choice as to for whom you should vote will likely be easier than the decision-making process for which songs will be performed Saturday night. [caption id="attachment_17422" align="alignright" width="225"]Henderson at Davey's Uptown in February, 2005. Henderson at Davey's Uptown in February, 2005.[/caption]"Bill and I sat down one night and listened to dozens and dozens of Abigail's songs, ranging from her first band all the way through her last band," recalls Slimm Adkins. "It ended up being a wonderful night with a lot of whiskey and a few tears, but after a few hours we had selected 30 songs that we thought would be perfect for this event." The bands performing the songs of Abigail Henderson during "Shine A Light" are Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Not a Planet, Vi Tran Band, The Clementines, and The Oil Lamps (featuring Bill Sundahl, Mike Meyers and many others). They were selected much in the same way that the songs were. "We just selected bands that we thought would put their heart and soul into this. This time around it's going to be a lot different, it's going to be more of a celebration, more of a -- well, tribute," Adkins explains. "We wanted bands that Abigail had some musical connection to, wether it be people she played with in the past or just fellow friends who were musicians that wanted to be a part of a tribute to her." Be prepared to get a little weepy that night, concludes Adkins: "It's going to be a emotional night, to say the least, but it's also going to be an amazing night that I think is really going to bring this community of musicians and music fans together like we've never seen before."

Retin A Specialist

cover-cancer-is-a-punkOrlando label Swamp Cabbage Records Retin A Specialist, is offering up a pretty great compilation to help fund the fight against breast cancer. In conjunction with a concert of the same name in Indianapolis next month, the label's releasing a 16-track 12-inch compilation entitled Cancer Is A Punk.

All proceeds from the sale of the LP go to the cause, which, according to an article on IndyConcerts.com, Retin A Specialist japan, is "helping provide mammograms for women in need." I think that's pretty damned worthwhile. The show's at the Emerson in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 9, Retin A Specialist mexico, and you can find the entire lineup and ticket details at the link above. The compilation can be ordered from Swamp Cabbage for $12 plus shipping. The first 200 copies are on pink, with the remaining 300 on black, Retin A Specialist. Check out the track listing below.

1. Mixtapes - Your Little Hoodrat Friend (1st time on vinyl for this song)
2. Landmines - Three Little Pigs
3, 100mg Retin A Specialist. Retin A Specialist, Sore Subjects - Back To The Jungle (unreleased)
4. Caffiends - You're All Talk (unreleased Beatnik Termites cover)
5. The Fizzy Pops - Cheap Talk
6. Be My Doppleganger - Nah, I'm Just Kiddin' (unreleased)
7. Retin A Specialist canada, Flamingo Nosebleed - Stag Party.
8, Retin A Specialist. The Dopamines - 10 Stories (acoustic and unreleased)
9. Up For Nothing - The Slouch
10. The Boston Thieves - Gasoline Whiskey
11. It Goes On - Is It Depressing Yet. Retin A Specialist, (unreleased)
12. The Putz - Lunatic
13, Retin A Specialist coupon. Larf - Possibilities
14. Lipstick Homicide - Moody's Point
15. Teenage Rehab - Southside Poverty (unreleased)
16. Direct Hit. - Rockaway Beach (unreleased Ramones cover).

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