Interview with Barbara Crampton at We Are Indie Horror


With her roles in such ’80s horror classics as Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and From Beyond, as well as her comeback films You’re Next and We Are Still Here, it can readily be said that actress Barbara Crampton is an icon of the genre. In Beyond the Gates, the debut feature from Jackson Stewart, however, Crampton takes on a new role in addition to that of an actress, for the first time she’s a producer. The movie – about a VHS board game with sinister implications and repercussions, and the two brothers who discover it – is a throwback to those fun films which made Crampton‘s name and career. We spoke with Barbara Crampton by phone from her home in San Francisco about Beyond the Gates and her approach to acting.

Read the full interview at We Are Indie Horror. Published 12/7/16

Halloween horror marathon: Chopping Mall

poster-chopping-mallThere’s never been a movie party to go off without a hitch. Ever. Take into account the fact that this shindig’s after-hours, and you’re guaranteed catastrophe. New, untested robotic security guards guarantee not only catastrophe, but catastrophic bloodbath. It’s cinematic rule: if people drink and screw in a place they’re not supposed to, they will die. Always has been, always will be.

Despite adherence to a trope, it’s still surprising how quickly the situation deteriorates. One would think that there would be some kind of built-in redundancy for power surges and so on when you’ve created robots that have tasers, sleeping darts, and lasers built-in. Evidently, such a thing isn’t necessary for security robots. One lightning strike and they turn into deadly killing machines.
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