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bananas-mag-2Bless those Brooklynites at Bananas Magazine C Diff Flagyl Cipro, . While the TermBo kids and folks at the Goner board might be more up-to-the-minute, there's really nobody else out there doing the sort of in-depth coverage of the garage scene done by Christophe Lopez-Hulci and his cohorts.

We really liked the first issue here at Rock Star Journalist headquarters, and I've handed the magazine off to three or four folks, C Diff Flagyl Cipro canada, all of whom enjoyed it just as much as I did. When the second ish showed up in my mailbox this weekend, it very nearly met an early demise, thanks to a postal worker trying to cram more in my mailbox than would fit - in a rainstorm.

Despite the fact that the new issue of Bananas came close to ending up a wad of soggy newsprint, I managed to get it in the house, C Diff Flagyl Cipro uk, wherein I tore open the envelope and read that sucker cover-to-cover. Twice, actually, C Diff Flagyl Cipro. The reviews usually get a thrice-over, as I'm always trying to figure out what of the new releases I need to track down ASAP (that Happy Birthday record on Sub Pop seems like a keeper).

The Midnight Records story gets its conclusion, 500mg C Diff Flagyl Cipro, and features some criticism of JD Martignon's business practices. I'd not expected that, being as how the first part was a bit of a love letter, but it's always good to see that both sides of a story are represented. I'm not impugning the Bananas writers' journalistic integrity, but one usually doesn't see comprehensive coverage of an issue in a free magazine, 10mg C Diff Flagyl Cipro.

The scene coverage of Spain makes me want to hop the next plane out of KCI and head to Barcelona as soon as possible. The very idea name of Wau y Los Arrrghs!. makes me want to check out the band, never mind the description that "mental hospitals in Spain are full of patients who have attended some of their shows!!"

So, 20mg C Diff Flagyl Cipro, yeah - hit up their website get your hands on a copy. They offer pretty decent shipping and handling rates if you want a few for your local record shop, too.

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magazine-cover-bananas Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, From Brooklyn comes my new favorite thing to read. It's called Bananas Magazine, and even better, it's free. Well, it was for me, Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure australia, but I sent them an e-mail and asked really nice for a copy so I could tell you folks about it. I imagine if you were to send them a couple bucks in the mail, they'd throw you a copy, as well.

And, really - you should. As the line across the top of the cover read, they cover garage, punk, surf, r 'n' b, and trash rock, Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure. There are interviews with little-known New York garage acts that are described so vividily that you'll be smashing their names into Google within minutes of reading them, 1000mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, so eager will you be to hear them for yourselves. After reading the interview with the Othermen, and seeing them described as the sort of band that's "destined to keep creating amazing music, burn out and never play again, or get in a plane crash and die, 30mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, " I'm kicking myself for not just buying their record when I grabbed the Wild About Jenkem comp from Killer Diller last week.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to get a copy of the second issue, myself, because the Midnight Records story they have is a fascinating glimpse inside the garage record scene before the days of eBay and the like, when people actually relied on other people to tell them about the good records, as well as taking the financial risk of ordering a bunch of shit from France or elsewhere overseas.

In other words, Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure japan, this is the best free 'zine you should pay money for, especially when you factor in vintage pron reviews, reports on Portuguese garage fests, and the like. Hit 'em up on Facebook via the link above, 750mg Synthroid And Congestive Heart Failure, or contact 'em at bananasmagazine at gmail dot com. They're looking for writers, too. Snail mail stuff (send 'em an envelope with money or something) can be sent to:

Killer Diller Records
190 Bedford Ave #207
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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