Bananas Magazine’s second issue out now

bananas-mag-2Bless those Brooklynites at Bananas Magazine. While the TermBo kids and folks at the Goner board might be more up-to-the-minute, there’s really nobody else out there doing the sort of in-depth coverage of the garage scene done by Christophe Lopez-Hulci and his cohorts.

We really liked the first issue here at Rock Star Journalist headquarters, and I’ve handed the magazine off to three or four folks, all of whom enjoyed it just as much as I did. When the second ish showed up in my mailbox this weekend, it very nearly met an early demise, thanks to a postal worker trying to cram more in my mailbox than would fit – in a rainstorm.
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Bananas Magazine a freebie worth paying for

magazine-cover-bananasFrom Brooklyn comes my new favorite thing to read. It’s called Bananas Magazine, and even better, it’s free. Well, it was for me, but I sent them an e-mail and asked really nice for a copy so I could tell you folks about it. I imagine if you were to send them a couple bucks in the mail, they’d throw you a copy, as well.

And, really – you should. As the line across the top of the cover read, they cover garage, punk, surf, r ‘n’ b, and trash rock. There are interviews with little-known New York garage acts that are described so vividily that you’ll be smashing their names into Google within minutes of reading them, so eager will you be to hear them for yourselves. After reading the interview with the Othermen, and seeing them described as the sort of band that’s “destined to keep creating amazing music, burn out and never play again, or get in a plane crash and die,” I’m kicking myself for not just buying their record when I grabbed the Wild About Jenkem comp from Killer Diller last week.
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