Archive podcast #7 – July 27, 2007

sad-flierArchive! Why? My co-worker just had his first kid, so I’m working every day this week, having to get up at an insanely early hour. Thus, because I wanted to go see Iceage at the Jackpot last night, I pulled out this final archive podcast so that I could spend Wednesday afternoon sleeping. It’s a mix of garage and classic punk, and a lot of the songs are “hits” or, at the very least, tunes you know.

Rock out, enjoy, and we should be back to normal next week, as my co-worker will be back and my house guests in their new home (long story, but having people home when I record the podcast makes me nervous).

Archive podcast #7 – July 27, 2007
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Archive podcast #6 – December 2, 2006

sad-flierDespite having promised an amazing podcast this week, I’m going to have to apologize for this blast from the past. Seems that my computer decided to get infected with the new malware going around (thanks, Facebook!), and I’ve spent the past couple days completely reformatting Windows and reloading all my software.

Thus, as I’m in the middle of all that happy horseshit at the moment, I don’t have a couple hours to devote to recording a new podcast. I’ve accumulated scads of new tunes, so the next episode or three ought to knock your teeth down the back of your throat with awesomeness.

In the meantime, enjoy a fantastic trip through the realm of college radio. A heavy amount of classic punk in this episode, as well as a nice blast of psychobilly and garage right in the middle.

Archive podcast #6, “December 2, 2006”
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Archive podcast #5 – November 18, 2006

sad-flierDue to something floating about in the air around these parts, I’ve been feeling rather poorly all week. All my energy’s going to the day job at the bakery, as well as all the extra work I’ve been lucky enough to snag at the Pitch.

Thus, I am sickly from whatever’s waylaid a co-worker and a co-worker’s kid (to say nothing of assorted friends), and as my voice has as of yet still not recovered from overtaxing it whenever the mic was nearby during Sick of it All’s set (I blame “Step Down,” really), I sound pretty much terrible. That’s worse than normal, mind you. That being said, here’s an archive podcast for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s a nice mix of garage, hardcore, and punk, with a heaping of straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll.

Archive podcast #5, “November 18, 2006”
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Archive podcast #4 – October 28, 2006

sad-halloween-flierThe first ever Sunglasses After Dark Halloween show. The best? No. The coolest? No. The most fun? Arguably (although I did get to do the last one on Halloween, which was pretty baller).

I’m in the middle of raiding every record I own, to eke out every single Halloween-related cut I can possibly find for next week’s podcast. In the meantime, enjoy this archive podcast from four years ago, and get ready for spooktacular awesomeness next Thursday.

If you’d like a little more to whet your whistle, this Wayward Blog post from last year has links to four and a half hours worth of Halloween mixes I made. Seriously – put together, those mixes might be the best sequencing and mood I’ve ever put together. Yes, it contains a link to this very broadcast, meaning it’s a vicious circle of content reuse, but bear with me…the wait until next week will totally be worth it.

Archive podcast #4, “October 28, 2006”
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Archive podcast #3 – November 11, 2006

sad-flierSorry for another archive podcast, but I’ve got a coworker on his honeymoon (in France – ooh la-la) right now, and I’m in the middle of working eight straight days. It’s a little killer. There’s really been no time to sit down and record, as pretty much every spare moment’s been spent sleeping. I missed Ted Leo the other night because I couldn’t be woken up.

On the bright side, this is a really great episode of Sunglasses After Dark. In terms of breadth and depth of music, as well as information regarding the stuff played, you can’t ask for a better program. The set of music from Rock ‘n’ Roll At the Capitol Tower vol. 3 is a knock out, as is all of that first hour, which is a garage/rockabilly blowout. Enjoy, and I’ll be back with a slew of shit from Grave Mistake, as well as whatever I pick up this weekend at the Scion Garage Fest.

Archive podcast #3, “November 11, 2006”
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Archive podcast #2 – November 4, 2006

sad-flierAnother program from the Sunglasses After Dark archives this week. We’re getting ready to go on vacation this weekend, and I’m making sure that the cats are going to get fed, making sure there’s nothing coming in the mail that might get ruined by the heat, and so on and so forth.

I’m also trying to make sure we’ll be able to visit Vintage Vinyl while we’re in St. Louis, as it’s only a few minutes from the hotel where we’re staying. Next week’s show should be a compendium of badassery because of that trip and all the new stuff that’s came in the mail, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a program broadcast on KJHK back in November of 2006.

Archive podcast #2, “November 4, 2006”
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Archive podcast #1 – October 21, 2006

sad-flierMany apologies for the lack of a new podcast this week. It’s the last full week before school starts here in Lawrence, as well as the Douglas County Fair. Thus, we’re running ourselves ragged here at the Nuthouse trying to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 ready for school with enrollment, doctor’s appointments, and the annual night of riding too many rides and eating too much funnel cake on the midway.

In lieu of actually depriving you, I’ve got a blast from the past, courtesy of when Sunglasses After Dark was an actual, honest-to-goodness radio program on Friday nights on KU’s KJHK 90.7FM. I’ve got a few recorded programs that I’ll use as my go-to when things just get too busy for a new podcast. It’s a damned shame, too, because I’ve got scads of new 7-inches from Warped Tour, records that’ve come in the mail, as well as a couple new things I picked up at the store yesterday. Expect that all next week.

Archive podcast #1, “October 21, 2006”
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