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cover-kite-party Brand Generic Synthroid, Sometimes I get a huge influx of review material, and something gets shuffled away, only to finally get pulled out on a Sunday morning and thrown on the turntable to refresh my memory. Kite Party's Baseball Season LP is one such record.

I'll admit -- I probably first listened to it in a rush of trying to just get through everything (one of those not a problem problems). Additionally, it probably got set aside more than once because it was vinyl, and I couldn't remember where I put the download slip, Brand Generic Synthroid paypal, and it didn't get put on the iPod to listen to at work.

To cut this rambling short -- that was a mistake. Kite Party's release on Animal Style is a perfect Sunday morning record, Brand Generic Synthroid. There are these great chiming guitars that combine with drums that come really close to that Burundi beat so beloved of early '80s English New Romantic acts like Adam Ant of Bow Wow Wow.

Adding in vocals that are emotionally open, 100mg Brand Generic Synthroid, almost raw, and Baseball Season is just a beautiful, involving record. "Runners" will grab you, but every song offers up some new thing -- the drumming on "Spirit Gum," the singing on "Arizona" -- to keep your attention riveted to what you're hearing, Brand Generic Synthroid coupon. It's simply beautiful. Brand Generic Synthroid, Granted, it veers dangerously close to being a Walkmen take-off at times (you'll certainly note the similarities within moments), but it's warmer and more inviting than that group. Baseball Season is the sort of music that you could wrap around yourself like a blanket.

Don't sleep on this. I may have ignored it for too long, 200mg Brand Generic Synthroid, but that doesn't mean you should. Take a listen via Bandcamp below, and then pop over to the Animal Style store to buy a copy. It's a pressing of 500, with 100 on black, 200 on cream, Brand Generic Synthroid japan, and 200 on clear. The cream looks a little more like butter, but it's still nice.


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cover-wolves-at-bayWolves At Bay have a couple great tracks on their Only A Mirror Side Effects To Diflucan, album. "The Night A Forest Grew" and "Only A Mirror" manage to work some great riffs, but the vocals do nothing for me, and it seems like the songs might as well not exist, save for the buzzsaw guitar work.

There's something about the whole Hot Water Music / Small Brown Bike / et al, underground, 250mg Side Effects To Diflucan, post-hardcore sound, that I cannot, for the life of me, ever get into. I know lots of people who derive a lot of pleasure from this music, and get a huge emotional boost from the genre. Personally, while this was exactly what was starting to happen when I was the age for it to grab me -- 17, 50mg Side Effects To Diflucan, 18, 19 around the late '90s -- I missed it.

The issue is that it's too mid-tempo, Side Effects To Diflucan. These songs plod along at most times, and rather than building from something quiet to something loud and emotional, most of them flip the paradigm and go from loud, hoarse-throated yelling to a quiet whisper. 100mg Side Effects To Diflucan, Animal Style's put out some great records, but this one just isn't my cup of tea. Their pop-oriented releases usually knock it out of the park -- i.e., Mixtapes, Hold Tight, et al -- but the other, more emotional bands -- Half Hearted Hero, Born Without Bones -- are a bit too histrionic and broken-hearted for my tastes, Side Effects To Diflucan uk.

The vinyl looks good, even if the music on it isn't my thing. The pressing of 500 -- 100 red, 200 purple, and 200 blue -- does a great job of matching the jacket art, and the liner notes and lyric sheet have a similar aesthetic (even with a black and white color scheme). Side Effects To Diflucan australia, If you buy the LP, it comes with a download which includes two bonus acoustic numbers. It's available from the Animal Style store.

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cover-fake-boys-pig-factoryThe Fake Boys Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications, are one those acts that -- like Foo Fighters, American Hi-Fi, or Lit -- synthesized the better parts of '80s power-pop and melded them with '80s glam metal. The riffs are punchy, fast, and packed more full of hooks than your average tacklebox. At points, listening to Pig Factory, you're wondering if they had Rick Nielsen locked in a closet somewhere, Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications canada, just cranking out guitar lines for them.

On their Animal Style release, Pig Factory, the vocals are a little thin, which is really unfortunate, 750mg Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications, given the meaty aspect of the rest of the band. The bass fairly rumbles, the strings just slack enough to give it a hint of Motorhead, and the drumming's big, but not Tommy Lee drum kit huge. Just a dude who knows how to pound the skins hard, and not use any jazzy accoutrements -- it's a series of simple, propulsive hits, Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications.

But, yes: the vocals, 10mg Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications. All nasal, no diaphragm. It's a shame. You want some wailing, not whining. Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications, When Jim Domenici gets really pissed, just this close to shouting at the end of "Clean Pigs," you get a sense of what this band could be. Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications overseas, I think my issue is that, hearing the instrumentation, I really wanted the vocals to wail. Think the Flys' "Got You Where I Want You," without all that "a-ooh-uh" bullshit at the end.

The vinyl's pretty -- 100 on black, 400 on translucent pink, Flagyl And Nexium Contraindications craiglist. Nice cover. You can pick it up in the Animal Style store.


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cover-hold-tight Can You Chew Synthroid, While enthusiastic, poppy, energetic punk rock 'n' roll is available in spades, a good catchy hardcore record is always a pleasure to listen to. Is Hold Tight's Can't Take This Away memorable. No, 30mg Can You Chew Synthroid, not by a long shot. Every track reminds me of something else I've heard before - an H2O breakdown here, a Blink-182 run there, that thing where it's just the dude crooning over a guitar before it gets all loud and rocking again, 1000mg Can You Chew Synthroid. It's familiar, but comfortable.

Listening to Can't Take This Away is kind of like watching an episode of Friends, Can You Chew Synthroid. Can You Chew Synthroid canada, I haven't watched the show in nearly a decade, but when I catch a re-run, even if I can't tell you the exact plot line, I can make a pretty good guess as to what's coming next, 250mg Can You Chew Synthroid. The whole situation doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the entertainment, but it's not like I'm blown away, Can You Chew Synthroid paypal, either. Even so, this is a tasty piece of punk rock candy Animal Style can add to their ever-growing jar of sweets.


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Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg

Basic CMYK Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg, Technically, this is the first physical release of Mixtapes' debut recording, period. It's been available only as a digital download since its release early last year, but it's now coming out as the a-side to an LP from Animal Style Records. The b-side to this LP, Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg coupon, which will be entitled Maps & Companions, is the Companions EP. 20mg Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg, Companions features re-recorded, full-band versions of Maps' acoustic tracks "And If We Both Fail?," "OrangeYellow," and "Soups Whatever, Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg craiglist," in addition to new songs "6 Quarters" and "I Accept That." Animal Style hopes to have the LP - limited to a pressing of 500 - available in time for the Fest next month. Pre-orders will be posted soon to the Animal Style site, 1000mg Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg, with a pressing breakdown as follows: 100 on orange/yellow, 200 on red, and 200 on clear with black.

Mixtapes' Maps is still available as a pay-what-you-like download from Death to False Hope, 150mg Compair Synthroid 0.025 Mg 7.5 Mcg.

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cover-born-without-bones-say-helloBorn Without Bones
Say Hello
(Animal Style Records)
Ketoconazole And Diflucan, Sometimes, when I listen to records for review, I don't have time to listen to both sides of an LP at once. This means that, occasionally, I listen to side A in the morning and side B in the afternoon, or one side on Monday, and another on Tuesday. I take good notes, but every so often, Ketoconazole And Diflucan mexico, it means that I miss certain details that would've been revealed in a listen that went all the way through.

In the case of Born Without Bones' new album, Say Hello, it took a Sunday afternoon listen all the way through to notice that each side has a completely different energy level than the other. Opening track, "Say Hello, Ketoconazole And Diflucan ebay, " and its follow-up, "Out of Step," are full to the brim with pop and energy. For that matter, the boundless energy follows through the entire first side, Ketoconazole And Diflucan. The second side. Acoustic. Evidently, frontman Scott Ayote had originally planned for the entire album to be acoustic, but he had a bunch of friends who wanted to play on the record, 50mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan.

Thus, you end up with this record, which is almost like two albums in one. Ketoconazole And Diflucan, While the splitting the songs works wonderfully on vinyl, I can't imagine that this sounds quite the same as a digital download where, halfway through, you're essentially switching gears from a hand-clapping, head-bopping, punky pop party, and slowing way the hell down. It's a bit disconcerting, even though "Arachnophobia" and "GKN" do a nice job of bridging the gap, and sort of easing the throttle down to a more manageable speed with cello, 750mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan, violin, and assorted brass.

As per usual, Animal Style has done a bang-up job with the vinyl. In my case, it's a gorgeous blue out of 200, although it was also pressed on -100 black and 200 "wheat" brown/yellow that I'm sure mirrors the cover art. Actually, 500mg Ketoconazole And Diflucan, so does the blue. Nice job, Animal Style. Impressive.

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Prozac Sideeffects

cover-half-hearted-heroHalf Hearted Hero
Running Water
(Animal Style Records)

Animal Style Prozac Sideeffects, has been putting out some solid pop-punk as of late. Their emphasis is on the pop edge of things, as evidenced by recent releases from Mixtapes and Born Without Bones, and the Running Water EP from the Massachusetts quintet, Half Hearted Hero, is no different.

Well, that might not be so accurate, 40mg Prozac Sideeffects. While Half Hearted Hero is certainly tuneful and catchy, and will really appeal to fans who miss the glory days of Drive Thru Records, there's a little more going on. The guitars have a certain throatiness to them. Things drop down into lower tunings here and there (especially on the album opener, "Five Points" and the second side track, "Mirrors"), helping to take the gloss off the whole affair, Prozac Sideeffects.

Unsurprisingly, the whole album gallops along with a propulsive drumbeat, Prozac Sideeffects india, which - in addition to being unsurprising - is unfortunate, and undoes a lot of the forward-thinking approach of the guitars. It's energetic, but it'd be nice to hear one band from the East Coast - and especially Massachusetts - that didn't use the hardcore drum sound. Slow it down, match it to the song. It's okay if you don't go at 75 miles an hour the whole time. Prozac Sideeffects, "Mirrors" had the potential to merge pop-punk with '80s metal in a really fun, intriguing manner, but that drum beat just took the whole number right back to the usual. Hopefully, Prozac Sideeffects ebay, Half Hearted Hero will continue on, and bring a second release that takes the promise of Running Water and moves beyond the expected "hardcore-influenced East Coast pop-punk" into something that hasn't been done 1000 times before.

You can pick up the album from Animal Style directly. It comes in a pressing of 500, with 100 on orange/red marble, 200 on opaque olive, 20mg Prozac Sideeffects, and 200 on brown. What's funny is that, despite the ragging I gave them for being a little too much part of the herd with their music, Half Hearted Hero really goes all-out with the packaging. The 12-inch comes packaged in a sleeve that's banded, much like a cigar, complete with monogram and the album title, and the liner notes look like a screen print, 200mg Prozac Sideeffects. The art is stellar, as well. It's a fantastic package.


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Flagyl 500mg

cover-mixtapes-hope-is-for-people Flagyl 500mg, Perennial favorites down here in the Nuthouse basement, Mixtapes, have yet another 7-inch on its way. Due out May, it's entitled Hope is For People, Flagyl 500mg us, and will be out on Animal Style Records. You can, of course, pre-order that sucker via the label's store, Flagyl 500mg japan.

The pressing is limited to 500, with 200 each on pink and blue, 1000mg Flagyl 500mg, and 100 on white. Preview the whole thing via the embedded Bandcamp widget below.

IKEBE702Also up for pre-order and preview, this next 7-inch (actually, a 45) comes from Ubiquity Records, Flagyl 500mg. Funk and soul heads already know that anything Ubiquity puts out is worth your money (just go buy everything they've done with Shawn Lee or Clutchy Hopkins and thank me later), and this new release comes from the Brooklyn act, Flagyl 500mg paypal, Ikebe Shakedown.

Playing what can best be described as funk African boogaloo, Flagyl 500mg ebay, their single "Tujunga" (also limited to 500 copies) comes out a week after the new Mixtapes, on May 10. Pre-order it from Ubiquity and stream the a-side below. If you like it enough, you can get a full-length on June 7.

Ikebe Shakedown - "Tujunga" by Ubiquity Records

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Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts

A Short Collection of Short Songs
(Animal Style)

Of the two vocalists in Mixtapes Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts, , Maura's voice is the one I like best. It's no knock on Ryan, who sings just fine, but her voice is distinctive, Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts coupon, whereas he has the standard "pop-punk vocal" tone: slightly raspy, slightly nasal, but in tune and on key. Maura's voice stands out in the same way Lauren from the Measure [sa]'s does. It's difficult to put into words, 1000mg Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts, but when you hear either of those ladies sing, you know you're hearing a voice you'd notice anywhere and listen to anything it sang.

The acoustic numbers are a nice change of pace from the rocking songs, 50mg Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts, but "Birthday Party Summer Camp" or "Whit's End" don't really grab my ear. "Anna Maria" is a different horse altogether, however - a haunting duet that's pretty emotionally involved, Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts. It starts off with an arresting strummed intro, and moves into quiet drums and guitar, with a violin in the background. All the elements combine to make a nearly devastating song, Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts japan, yet one that manages to stay pretty. If Mixtapes have to

This comes on three different colors of vinyl. Mine is on blue, Can Clomid Cause Breast Cysts uk, and it's a lovely shade of what I like to refer to as Kansas county road sign blue. Cover art's a little too Photoshop for my tastes (outlined text with drop shadow), but the cover art's pretty all right.

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How Does Cialis Effect A Woman

cover-mixtapes-collectionRock Star Journalist is fast becoming a Mixtapes How Does Cialis Effect A Woman, fansite. What can we say. We love the poppy punk from this Ohio foursome.

Coming fast on the heels of the announcement of their split with Direct Hit. 200mg How Does Cialis Effect A Woman, (out soon on Kind of Like Records) is the announcement of another 7-inch. This one's a solo release entitled A Short Collection of Short Songs, and is due out November 30 from Animal Style Records, How Does Cialis Effect A Woman.

The six-song vinyl EP is limited to 500, with 100 on Orange/Yellow, 200 on Lime Green, and 200 on Electric Blue, 500mg How Does Cialis Effect A Woman. Pre-orders will be announced shortly, but you can use Tweet For A Track to get a download of the song "I'm Like" right goddamn now. Do it -- I just got done listening to it, How Does Cialis Effect A Woman india, and I'm going to do it again.

If that's not enough Mixtapes for you, and you can't wait to get your mitts on either A Short Collection of Short Songs or their split, you're in luck. Their original from the Direct Hit, How Does Cialis Effect A Woman us. split, "I Was A Teenage Poltergeist," can be had on the new (free!) compilation from Kind of Like Records, 10mg How Does Cialis Effect A Woman, in addition to a whole bunch of great pop punk from the Dopamines, the Measure [SA], and so on. Take a look at the tracklisting and download that record, called Kind of Like A Comp at this link.

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