Adventures / Run Forever, “Split” EP

cover - adventures run forever splitPairing Adventures with Run Forever is such a ridiculously perfect idea, it’s basically one of those “shut up and take my money!” releases. Adventures’ dreamy indie pop has a certain angular melodicism to it that hints at part of the band’s involvement with Code Orange Kids. It especially comes out in the feedback-drenched ends to their songs.

Run Forever, however, works it a little differently. Rather than fading out their songs, they opt for epic intros, leading into harmonies suited perfectly for lifted hands and heartfelt sing-alongs. The bands compliment one another, and they’re both on the rise, so why wouldn’t the two acts come together?
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Adventures, “Adventures” 7-inch

cover-adventuresAdventures seem to get more press because 3/5 of the band (Jami, Reba and Joe) are 3/4 of Deathwish hardecore quartet Code Orange Kids. Rarely do they ever get mentioned in terms of their music, but that’s a situation that ought to change with the release of the their self-titled 7-inch on No Sleep Records.

Sleepy, yet emotional is the name of the game on this little bit of vinyl. The vocals are passionately yearning, but the instrumentation jangles and swirls dreamily. You’re tempted to describe it as classic indie rock, but the harshness of the final “I have never been so scared” on “Like Seed” brings it to modern times.
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