Yeast Infection Amoxicillin

cover-dawn-of-the-davesThe new EP from punk rock super-dudes Too Many Daves Yeast Infection Amoxicillin, is available. The group, to whom I recently got hipped thanks to the new issue of Jerk Store, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin craiglist, releases Dawn of the Daves on ADD Records on November 8. Yeast Infection Amoxicillin canada, The six-song EP comes with a digital download of the entire EP and the "Dudes Room" video, along with a 21 x 14 full-color fold-out cover poster. Dawn of the Daves is limited to a pressing of 1000, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin us, with 200 on clear red, 20mg Yeast Infection Amoxicillin, 200 on clear green, and 600 on black. Pre-order that sucker directly from ADD's store, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin uk, and grab the rest of their discography while you're at it. The split with Dude Jams is only $3.


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